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Why Custom Bobbleheads are Good for Your Business

Bobbleheads are plastic dolls with larger than usual heads that mimic famous people such as superstars, celebrities, politicians, and more.

These little figurines have been around for some time now, and it’s no secret that most people adore them. These little dolls are prominent in the sporting industry where they’re developed to resemble favorite stars.

Recently people have embraced custom bobbleheads for their business where they play a major role in branding. In our article today, we examine why custom bobbleheads are good for your business. Keep reading.

Prize Giveaways

Bobbleheads are popular in sports and are given as prizes. Also, teams give away these dolls as a way of reserving seats, and in this way, more fans will come to watch a match or tournament.

In any case, most organizations have embraced this trend, which has resulted in increased sales and revenue income.

Businesses view custom bobbleheads as part of their advertising strategy, with the result being more income.

Some of the most popular sports include baseball where most fans have bobbleheads of the top players. If you’d like custom bobbleheads cheap on modern bobblehead site the process is easy. Have a photo ready and send via email with a request for a custom solution.

Useful for branding

For a business, you only need an idea and then order for your favorite bobblehead online and have it made.

Customers will buy your products depending on the general presentation. Studies reveal that people buy depending on how the product is presented to them. The good thing about custom bobbleheads is that you choose your design and how you’d like it to be displayed. Without a doubt, this is likely to boost your sales.

The next step is to avail the bobblehead in all your brand merchandise to increase the outreach. For instance, you may choose to use banners, brochures, billboards, and other items to display your brand message.

The entertainment industry

Bobbleheads are also common in the entertainment industry. Lovers of music will go to extra lengths to add these dolls in their collection. Most of the time, you’ll find these dolls featuring drummers, singers or piano lists.

These figurines can be given as prizes to winners in a music competition. For example, for a piano competition, winners can receive a piano bobblehead or saxophone.

If you’re mainly in the music business, you can display the bobbleheads alongside the musical instruments, which will enhance customer service. Additionally, you can choose to carry the bobbleheads to musical events or exhibitions so that customers can have a chance to sample your products.

In the end, customers will make inquiries about your products, and you may choose this opportunity to give them your business cards for future sales.

Useful for the toy business

Kids love toys, and there is no question about it. There are all types of toys in the market, ranging from vehicles, babies, phones, and more. These items are useful for the early stages of child development. Custom bobbleheads make excellent choices for dolls for special occasions. For instance, during Christmas, you may decide to make for your child a Father Christmas bobblehead. Also, you can order for your child a bobblehead of someone famous. These toys will last for a lifetime and are memorable.

Bobbleheads for planning events and corporate activities

Custom bobbleheads can be used for certain events where they’re given out as gifts. For instance, as an event’s organizer, you can choose to add more color to a wedding ceremony by gifting the couple tailor-made bobbleheads of the groom and bride.

These can also be used as toppers and will be a unique idea for presentation. The same idea can apply for corporate events, anniversaries, and birthdays.


Bobbleheads are a good idea for businesses and corporates. Best of all, custom bobbleheads carry special messages for businesses. You can use bobbleheads to communicate your brand message to your customers. The best part is that they come in different forms, such as key holders, wine stoppers, wedding toppers, and more. You only need to decide on what you want and order for it. To sum it all, businesses can benefit from bobbleheads in a big way, which will lead to more sales and customer loyalty.