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What is a Rolling Tray?

Rolling is probably one of the oldest forms of smoking outside of using some form of pipe. As such, there are a bunch of different items that have been made to make the process less time consuming and messy. A rolling tray is just one of those items. They can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and materials and offer a different variety of layouts to better accommodate different rolling needs. If rolling is of particular interest, a rolling tray is a great addition to any smoking collection.

Types of Rolling Trays

Rolling trays can come in different shapes, sizes, colors, as well as made up of different materials. The size of a rolling tray can help determine how useful it is in a particular situation (smaller being more mobile and larger more stable like a table-top) and how much space is available. The different shapes can accommodate different types of custom fittings (like places for rolling papers or even herb or herb grinders). This can come in the form of nooks or other spaces to hold them.

The different colors are beautiful and allow a level of personalization. The different materials can affect cleaning and handling of a rolling tray. For example, a glass tray vs. a bamboo or metal tray will likely be heavier as well as more fragile. Whereas a silicone tray is likely to have a lighter weight to it and be easier to take different places without a sense of worry. At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preferences as well as needs to accommodate however someone plans on using the rolling tray.

Cool Rolling Trays

Some rolling trays are, admittedly, cooler than others. For example, some rolling trays incorporate special little dugouts or indents into the tray as a place to store dry herb, a grinder, or even to place rolled papers when done with them (in the case that someone wants to roll several without worrying about them rolling off everywhere). Some trays are more or less just lightweight plain, simple trays. There is nothing wrong with either, however, some individuals enjoy the cooler trays with additional features because it allows a greater level of utility to them. Nothing is worse than losing herb or a rolled paper.

Custom Rolling Trays

Certain places will allows a tray to be customized to place a name, significant person (like a musician), or favorite color on the tray. While this is not necessary and doesn’t speak to the quality, there is nothing cooler than having a tie-dye Jimi Hendrix rolling tray to show off to the crew. Perhaps something more personal and individualistic is the way to go? The possibilities, and creativity, are absolutely endless with these badass custom trays.

Rolling Tray Kits

Much like the custom trays, the rolling tray kits allow someone who doesn’t have a lot of the materials to start decked out with a full complement of supplies. For example, rolling tray kits will come with things like a pack of papers, rolling tray, rolling machines, hydrostones, etc. A hydrostone is a material that, when wetted, will keep tobacco and dry herb moist for a long time. A rolling machine is a simple device that makes it nearly impossible (if used properly) to screw up rolling papers. Make sure to check out the specifics of what is included in a particular rolling kit before purchasing because, again, they do not all have the same materials and some can vary significantly.

Raw Rolling Tray

Much like their Raw brand of papers, Raw rolling trays are common and are probably one of the most successful trays around. Known for their quality, Raw is a company that has made a name specializing in providing high-quality rolling papers and accessories at reasonable prices. While this isn’t to say that there are not other quality products out there, especially for a beginner or someone who is cautious about venturing out, opting for a Raw product is a pretty safe bet.

How to Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint is both simple and difficult at the same time. Essentially, just make sure to have a filter placed on one end (not a requirement) and then place the dry herb or tobacco into the paper. Next, simply grip the paper on either end after pushing the filter in a little and any herb or tobacco on the other end to leave room. Then, keep rolling it down into the bottom until there is room to lick the glue and close it up. Hesitation will be your worst enemy so be confident and keep trying. Most importantly, if it proves too difficult, simply use a rolling machine.

Joint Rolling Machine

As mentioned before, these machines are rather helpful for those who are either inexperienced or terrible at rolling. They are inexpensive and can help make great practice for learning how to roll. Overall, a great investment if someone likes the taste and feel of rolled herb or tobacco but can’t get it right. No shame in getting a little help.

Vaping vs Rolling

Rolling is hard to compare to vaping. Essentially, it is on the opposite end of the spectrum as far as process – it is not technologically futuristic in any way (the rolling machine or a grinder are the only real ‘machine’ elements) whereas vaping is using the most current technology to vape (not smoke). Both are great in their own right and both can be fairly mobile. It all comes down to personal preferences and neither are mutually exclusive – someone can use a vape pen AND roll and still have a massive glass collection.

How To Choose The Best Rolling Tray For Me

This is all going to come down to personal preference. At the end of the day, pick what tray works best for individual needs. Need a rolling machine? Get a kit, perhaps, that has one. Need something more mobile to roll that perfect joint on the top of a mountain? Perhaps a silicone or bamboo tray is better than a glass (fragile) or metal (heavier) one? Either way, the choice is up to the individual smoker and their needs.

Written By: Robert H.