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Factors Impacting Tree Removal Cost

Grown up trees bring significant impact to the environment and most of us are concerned about this. But, there are times when they pose significant danger to your home or is a concern for men and material moving around the overgrown branches. In such situations, tree removal is perhaps the only option before you. Apart from the pain of having to remove a lush green tree, the exercise is expensive and comes with attendant costs.

Tree removal has multiple components and your costs will play out depending on the complexity and time consumed by each of these components. Therefore, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the scope of work. Professional tree removal services can assist you in arriving at an estimate before the work can start. Some of the major components of a tree removal job are:

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Mulching
  • Tree lopping/felling
  • Stump grinding/stump removal
  • Land clearing

Special equipments may also be employed when you need to remove one or more trees entirely so that your own property and your neighbour’s property remain safe and secure. Similarly, in the case of large trees to be removed, experienced and trained personnel will have to climb up and chop the tree down gradually to ensure that no damage is caused to properties or humans around. Stump removal is generally not included in the cost of tree removal and in most situations, the stump remains on the ground for some years before you decide to get it removed. Clearing up the debris and leaving your property clean is the final part of a tree removal job.

How Local Regulations Impact Tree Removal

Council permission needed across Australia before removing trees. Evidence may also need to be provided when you seek to remove some protected species from your property. Such evidence should show that the tree is posing danger to the surroundings including your own property or that it is diseased. In such situations, you may also be directed to get an inspection carried out by a qualified arborist and obtain his report.

Tree Removal Services Do Not Need A License

Tree removal services or arborists are not required to have a license in Australia. However, you should make sure that these service providers do have the following:-

  • Public liability insurance
  • Appropriate qualifications such as Arboriculture/Horticulture certificate II for work in the ground level as well as climbing up and certificate III in Horticulture/Arboriculture for individuals supervising climbing activity.

You can also check out membership of recognized professional associations that these service providers may have since such memberships help in regular update of latest developments in the area of services provided by them.

Tree Removal Cost

Following are among the major factors that will impact your tree removal cost across Australia

  • Size of the tree
  • Location
  • Level of difficulty/accessibility
  • Safety precautions necessary
  • Permits/red tapes
  • Stump removal
  • Transportation/tipping
  • Council fee if it is applicable

The indicative cost of tree removal, after taking into consideration, the above factors will be determined based on:-

  • 6 meter high trees with a narrow trunk
  • 8 meter high tree with substantial trunk needing deployment of safety equipments an chainsaw including cuttings and removal

An arborist’s report when needed can cost you about $100 for 5 trees with additional trees costing $25 each. Unexpected dangers lurk around a tree removal job and therefore it is always desirable to engage professional services when you decide on tree removal.

Getting Quotes

When you see tree removal quotes, you should focus on insured and well qualified professionals. The accurate method of getting an idea about the cost appears to be online quotes. But, it is important that the task is well defined leaving no room for ambiguity. If the trees are in the middle of your yard and there are no dangers posed to your own property or properties of neighbours, your costs can be lower in comparison to one or more trees with branches overhanging your roof. Do remember that small details such as these can be significant in computing the cost and you should therefore take care to list out everything that can have an impact while communicating with the service providers.

Broadly, tree removal cost can be between $500 and $1000 depending on various components that we have described above. Therefore, you should also insist on a written quote leaving no room for negotiations once the job starts.

Are there Options To Tree Removal?

In some situations, it could be possible to consider alternatives to less expensive alternatives compared to tree removal, make positive contribution to the environment and save the tree. Tree transplantation and tree trimming are among these alternatives.

Tree Transplanting

Before you proceed with tree removal, you can examine transplanting the same tree within your yard. This will help you mitigate risks posed to your home or property while also saving one or more thriving trees as a consequence. The suitability of this option is best studied by a competent tree removal service. The equipments and expertise needed for tree transplantation are not available with home owners and is therefore best left to the professionals.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is another option you have and this involves pruning or trimming the tree which can also be a DIY job if you have required equipments and knowledge to take on the task. However, you should also know that significant time may be consumed in the exercise. In some situations you may also need to execute the job in two or more instalments. Health, aesthetics and safety are among the core benefits that can be expected from tree trimming.


Dead and broken branches can pose serious safety risk since they may fall causing damage to expensive possessions or hurt your loved ones. Such branches can also become a safety hazard for vehicle movement by obstructing the vision of drivers. Yet another possibility is the branches growing very close to the utility lines and you should get the utility company personnel to take immediate charge and remove the obstructing branches.