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Should You Try to Install an Air Conditioning Unit Yourself?

It’s a hot summer’s day, everything is warm, sticky and uncomfortable; you think to yourself that this is the summer and the last summer that this should happen- you’re installing an air conditioning unit; to hell with the electricity bill. You look online but installing one isn’t cheap and you think that you could do it as it would save you some cash. But should you do it?

Well, that depends are you willing to risk it? You must ask yourself is that you risk damaging yourself and you risk damaging your unit or equipment to save some cash? The main health and safety risk occur from the fact that an air conditioning unit requires electricity to function and therefore it must be safely connected to supply when worked on and during the installation process to determine if the installation was successful and for a problem, diagnosis if needed e.c.t. Another risk arises from the potential energy stored in the circuits (specifically capacitors) when doing further diagnostics which could discharge suddenly if two contacts in the circuits are bridged together so that they contact.

This sudden discharge of electricity can be fatal as It would stop the heart, and you must ensure that all safety precautions are made such as, wearing protective gloves and manually discharging the capacitors during diagnostic’s and that during the initial installation process the supply of electricity is physically switched off at the fuse box for the house and the switch is physically clamped in the off position to guarantee further reduction of risk.

The damage that can be caused to the equipment and the actual air conditioning unit is caused by inexperienced or improper use of the tools and repair methods used. If you aren’t sure about how to use the tools to repair the air conditioner you probably should stop and get a professional to do it. This is because the smallest misuse of a tool or a lack of experience in repair could lead to extensive and very expensive damage to the air conditioning unit. An example of this is using a screwdriver to screw in a screw but applying too much force and over-tightening the screw, which could lead to cross threaded screws (i.e. a new grove has been cut into the thread of the hole where the screw is meant to be). This would lead to a loss or a permanently stuck screw and possible cracking of the plastic around the hole causing the panel to break over time or the innards to be inaccessible. This small mistake can cost you up to a hundred pounds as you would need to replace the entire panel if you ever wanted to work on the unit again.

In Conclusion, should you try installing an air conditioning unit by yourself? Probably not unless you know definitely of what you are doing, how to stay safe and what tools you are using. If this doesn’t resemble your mindset installation please come and repair it as they know what they are doing and can even offer you protection if anything goes wrong as they are insured as well and can afford to replace bits of the unit or the entirety. If you are interested in HVAC installationplease click on the link for competent and quick service.