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How to Decorate Bedroom Walls for Kids & Teenagers

There is a closet, there is a work table, there is a bed, and there are also walls that hold this furniture, but nothing on the wall! How boring will that be for a teenager or an enthusiastic kid? Everything is correctly done for your kid’s room, but without anything on the wall, the room might look a little basic.

The basic ideas of hanging up pictures or putting up some textured paints might seem cool, but its 2k19 and your sweetheart kid wouldn’t definitely prefer going old-school. Have you considered canvas prints? A mural? Pretty wallpapers?

There are literally tons and tons of ideas out there and here are a few suggestions to help you get your style.


Having all the cozy furniture and nude wall color with no textures in it, but you still want to add a little funk to your kid’s wall, then the canvas prints could be a brilliant choice. They are bold, fitting, and easy to maintain. You could keep changing your canvas prints regularly if you need because kids don’t prefer for a fixed theme in the long run.

They are easy to remove and replace and aren’t like the wallpapers where you’ll have to tear them out from the entire wall area and then change the whole theme. Canvas prints are now readily available online. You could go for various canvas models too. There are photographic prints on wrapped canvas, oil art on canvas, graphic art prints on canvas, etc.


Wallpapers are always on the trend chart and are also the most affordable wall décor that one could ask for. The room will appear lighter with some elegance added to it. It is also a cakewalk to find wallpapers for your kid’s bedroom wall since we also themed wallpapers available at every possible store of home décor.

If you aren’t really ready to commit for some solid wallpaper designs, then you could also go for a neutral color wall print that has got some light texture in it or a floral one when it comes to your kids.


As teenagers and kids are tantalized about their bedroom themes and everything that fits into their room, a lookout for their favorite wall hanging will definitely meet their excited senses. Plan for a one-sided wooden wall with a wall hanging of your kid’s choice. This could be the best way to add your kid’s interest too into the walls. The vintage posters that are done in canvas could also add some beautiful, strong effects on your walls.


Obviously, your kid might be into some hobbies and would have created something out of his/her interest. Putting them up on the walls and giving the walls a little ombre effect would easily bring out the beauty of walls.


Instead of putting a wall print and leaving it undisturbed you could hang up some antique mirrors. This way you could bring in some eclectic effect on your walls.


Of course, your kid’s room is going to have a theme, and why not paint out that theme on the bedroom walls? Paint your walls with a patterned theme or an element from your theme. This gives more impact to your theme as well as to the walls. You could also design the theme to a small section and give a neutral color fill to the rest of the wall.


Antlers could be funky, hipster, or even elegantly rustic depending on how you manage to add them to your walls. You could either paint the walls or get the walls done wooden and then mount them up there. You’ll absolutely be stunned how strong-flavored your wall can look.


By just painting your walls the right way, you could bring in some happy moods in your kid’s room. When u want to go for a brighter space, paint a wall dark and leave the rest white to bring in some professionalism.

You could even paint all the four walls with a mix of shades for a trendy outcome. But when you aren’t ready for so much drama than paint only one side of the room with the color of your kid’s choice or go as per the theme. Put on some texture to the painted walls if u desire to.

  • DIYs:

If you wish to do something to your kid’s room and then wanted it to be more personal, then u could probably adopt for doing DIY stuff. A few of the simple ideas are:

Frame a scarf and simply mount it on the wall to give it a bit of colorful vibe
To take your guests down your memory lane, you could also frame your kid’s photos and hang it up on the wall. You could even pattern it up with mild wallpapers.

To give a full punch of majestic look to the wall, a tapestry could be used. Simply hang a tapestry that complements your theme.

A vintage framed black and white photo could also be a good option for meaningful wall décor.

Wall-mounted planters bring in freshness and a whole new level of living to your theme


Every kid might have owned a bicycle at the age of 7, and now it’s probably at the garage simply occupying the space. All that you could do is that spray paints on it and put it up on your wall. They look contemporary and with a wooden texture added, that is all one could ask for.


Surf through the net for more theme-oriented ideas or consult an interior expert if you are really confused. Visit homes and decide what really fits into your kid’s room. After all, your kid is going to live in that room, so make it a memorable and chic one.