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How to Choose the Best Dog Clipper

Isn’t it cute when you reach home, and your droopy-eyed dog comes to greet you? Having a dog is a blessing. As a dog owner, you must ensure that your dog lives comfortably like the rest of your family members. This means taking care of the pet no matter how naughty it is.

Dogs look great when properly groomed. And, where pet grooming is concerned, it is imperative that you spend on a high-quality dog clipper to keep the dog’s coat smooth. Dogs that have thick and heavy coat may feel very uncomfortable if you live in an area with high temperature. So, a good dog clipper is necessary to trim the dog’s coat to keep the growing fur under control.

If you are buying a dog clipper for the first time, you will have a lot of brands claiming that they manufacture the best dog clipper in the country. Don’t believe in such lucrative claims. Do your research, and you will find the best dog clipper. The following tips will help choose the dog clipper that you will be able to use efficiently:

1.The speed of the dog clipper

Dog clippers are available in either single-speed or variable-speed variants. The benefit of single-speed clippers is they don’t heat up quickly. If you are a novice and don’t know the advanced techniques to use dog clippers, the single-speed clippers will be your best choice. Variable-speed clippers are for advanced users. They are more versatile as you can control the speed. Moreover, it gives the perfect finish that makes the dog look adorable.

2.Cordless vs. corded dog clippers

Your natural inclination will probably be towards cordless clippers because of the convenience they offer. Most importantly, you will be able to access the hard-to-reach spots easily. However, cordless dog clippers need frequent charging. They run out of battery after an hour. This will ultimately wear the battery out, and you will have to buy another clipper soon. Corded dog clippers have only one downside. You will have to be in front of the plug all the time. If your dog tends to run away, that’s something you have to deal with if you are getting corded clippers.

3.Motor performance

Ideally, when you cut through matted and coated dog coats, the Clippers should run smoothly. If there is a disturbance, it means the motor is not powerful enough to clip the dense coats easily. Here, you need to compare the rotations per minute of the motor. Dog owners often overlook RPM because of the attractive offers on dog clippers. This is the crucial feature that determines whether you have to work easily or work harder to trim the fur. Try to find a dog clipper that has a balance between speed and power and also keeps the vibrations, heat, and noise under control.

Grooming a dog is no easy job. But you can certainly make it easier by getting the perfect dog clipper. Follow the above guide as a rule book the next time you go shopping for dog grooming kits.