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A Splash of Inspiration – How to Choose a Sprinkler System

Living in Australia’s relatively warm climate, gardening enthusiasts understand that there is an art to proper lawn maintenance. Keeping everything lush and vibrant takes a great deal of effort. Whether that be through wedding, watering, or fertilizing, there is always something that must be done. However, help can be found in many forms and one of these is a modern sprinkler system for your lawn.

Whether you are new to the world of sprinkler systems or whether you are simply looking for an update, it’s important you choose the right irrigation system for your yard to ensure your lawn stays healthy and looks great. With so many options available on the market today, with an array of features to choose from and running the gamut in terms of pricing, selecting the right sprinkler system for your garden can be daunting. However, by focusing on the right areas, you can choose a system that will work wonders on your lawn without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know in order to choose the right sprinkler system for your property.

Consider The Needs Of Your Garden

Choosing the ideal sprinkler system for your yard will depend largely on the specific needs of your yard! Consider the type of soil and its saturation potential as well as the size of the area that will require watering. Think about which types of plants you have and their particular watering requirements.

It may also help to group plants according to how much water they will need when organising your yard. Consider the arrangement of your property. If it is excessively hilly, you should account for this when thinking about excess water run-off. Make sure to have these details ready when contacting installation companies in your area to ensure they can provide an effective solution for your situation.

Think About Design Specifics

Contemporary sprinkler systems are quite advanced. Many can be connected to timers which can be controlled via a smartphone or a tablet. Some high-end models can even be outfitted with soil and rain sensors which optimally gauge when watering is needed. Sensors can even access weather data from the internet for improved watering flexibility. While these additions may depend on your overall budget, all of them work to water your yard evenly while minimising waste.

Make sure to purchase components that are the correct size for your yard. Have a company walk you through the various components involved including rotors and sprinkler heads in order to get some background before you buy. It is also important to find a system with the optimal amount of pressure to effectively reach your entire yard without going too far.

Final Considerations

It is also useful to consider the seasonal changes in your area and whether you will be able to easily winterise your sprinkler system if necessary. This involves removing all water from the various components of the system to avoid freezing and damage. Ask your local installation company to provide you with information on this task.

Make sure that you enlist an experienced company that has comes highly rated. Ask your friends and family if they have experience with any particular companies you may have in mind. You can even ask prospective companies themselves to provide you with contact information for recent clients to get a sense of what the installation experience is like. Be sure to do some independent research online to find positive customer reviews.

Finally, it’s important that all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction and that you get a reasonable quote before any work is initiated.

Well-Designed Sprinkler Systems Have Many Benefits

Naturally, even the most well-designed system should be monitored. Keep an eye on your plants and your lawn to ensure that it is functioning properly and make adjustments if and when needed. While permanent systems may cost more upfront and take more effort to install than movable sprinklers, they are far more efficient at watering in the long run. This will save you money on your water bill while also conserving water, which is good for the environment too!

With the right approach, choosing an appropriate sprinkler system for your needs should be a straightforward job and with the right system in place, you can be sure that, if it is well cared for, it will last for many years to come.