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Ideas to use Glass Railing that Brings the Outdoors In

Are you a fan of Iron Man or just Tony Stark, the man in general? Apart from being a superhero, the narrative of the character is embedded with intricacies of pure class, aestheticism, and sober choices. The reason we are referring to Tony Stark here is that we want to take you through the essential components which stood as the primary markers of his palatial house.

Apart from being technologically integrated, the billionaire philanthropist’s mansion has several glass doors and railings installed inside it to furnish itself with the grandeur it deserves. Well, our idea of drawing in an instance from Iron Man’s life might sound a little vague because here we are not only trying to equate our aspirations with a fictitious character but also contrasting the opportunities of a common person with a multi-billionaire.

We agree that replicating the standards and choices of his life is way out of the league, but setting up similar glass guardrail is not so. Hey! All I am trying to say is that you can create an outdoor look in your home or office as that of Tony Stark with glass railings. And, Fab Glass and Mirror is your best bet to make that happen.

Why choose glass railings when you have other options available?

Before we start justifying our assertion that glass railings undisputedly stand out amongst all its contemporaries, let us give you a hint into its construct. The glass fence-like railings are fundamentally supported by balusters that are both short and ornamental; hence, capable of enhancing the appeal of the entire apartment it is being used.

This makes the glass railings an amazing choice for domestic and commercial purposes; in a way, you can say that they bring with themselves the quintessence of the outdoors inside the restricted walls of the indoors.

Whenever we think of the outdoors and the indoors separately, there are two contrasting sets of thoughts that rule our perception; in the case of the former, we expect openness and liberated spaces while for the latter, we comprehend it as a close and constricted area.

But thankfully, glass railings effortlessly blur out this definite demarcation; unlike the other options available in the market today, this recourse complies with the undeniable necessity of installing a railing and yet its see-through property renders the desire of attaining an unguarded area within the constricted dimensions of the house.
Where can the glass railings used in contemporary designs?

  • Glass Staircases

The trend of using glass to create banisters and lay staircases has been in vogue for quite a long time now and therefore, shouldn’t come as a surprise to our readers. Glass sheets of varying colors, textures and designs can be capitalized upon to create partitions between the steps and the adjacent stairwells. Working on something like this will not only increase the oomph factor of your interior but, echo the supreme principle of contemporary design that says, “less is more”.

  • Glass Railing on Balcony

The glass balcony railing can be most effectively used and justifiably so. Think of it in this way- if we ask you to name that one spot of the house whose charisma can inexorably brighten your mood then, we are certain that most of you will assert it to be the balcony. When the balustrade (the ornamental parapet of the railing) that accompanies the glass railing is made of highly transparent and invisible glass, the arrangement will incite the illusion of space while keeping the veracity of your balcony intact.

  • Glass for Deck/porch

Another commendable area to set up the glass railing would be the porch or deck of the apartment in concern. Why would you let wood or some other pickets obstruct the view when you can always replace them with glass and yet fulfill the purpose of guarding the deck? Additionally, glass railing provides safety and beauty to the architecture at the same time thus, adding value to the property.

You can choose from a wide range of options including that of glass panels or topless glass railing but ultimately, the objective remains the same, that is, to make both the interior and exterior of the apartment look clean and chic.
The fact that glass railing is incredibly easy to clean cannot be overlooked here because when your office or apartment is large enough to accommodate a deck, we can understand how excruciating it can get if the caretakers are directed to attend each corner of the space individually.

  • Pool Fence

If there’s a pool in your house, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. Firstly, the area around the pool must be sincerely safeguarded for children of the family to be safe around it. And secondly, a pool can be hailed as an extraordinary element that can multiply the visuals of your contemporary design by several folds. Thus, to make both these contrasting ends meet, there is only one solution and that is, glass railings for the pool fence.

You can communicate your needs to us at Fab Glass and Mirror and we’ll advise you on the best glass rail to use for your pool fence to preserve the beauty of the pool and, in fact, augment it further.

Gains of using glass railing in-home or commercial settings

They are the true markers of sophistication

The truth that glass railings make way for the feeling of more space should be acknowledged under all circumstances. The open view that it allows from the balcony or deck of your apartment/office is not just breathtaking, but tinges the setting with an essence of sophistication along with the virtues of durability and escalated longevity.

Provides privacy

If you are doubtful that glass railings might disrupt your privacy, then let us break the ice for you. There are infinite options that you can choose from including tempered, tinted, texture or in that case privacy glass or obscure glass, depending upon your requirements. As far as the frames of the railings are concerned, materials such as wrought iron, balustrade, stainless steel or aluminum can create the look that you have your eyes and heart set on.

High quality and value

There is only one point that separates contemporary design from the traditional ones, and that is the disciplined elegance. Far from boasting any complexity, the glass railings suffice every apartment they are installed in with quality, attractiveness, and value like no other can provide. Additionally, if you wish to pass on your home or office to somebody else, the glass railings will help the building to sell itself without much room for negotiation.