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Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone has heard about dentistry which is anything involving teeth and procedures related to teeth and cosmetic dentistry is also the same but only limited to the appearance part of the teeth and basically all procedures that only alter how the teeth look and not how they function. There are different types of procedures in the area of cosmetic dentistry and we will mention some and talk about them

Types of cosmetic dentistry procedures

1. Whitening of teeth: The most common procedures that most people get done is this one as it is that one procedure that can make a lot of difference in the way your teeth looks, it is a very simple procedure where the dentist uses a combination of gels and pastes to rigorously brush your teeth to make them look white and clean so that you can smile confidently without thinking if your teeth are yellow or if they look dirty. This procedure is also relatively cheap compared to other procedures in the dentistry area.

2. Dental implants: Compared to the first procedure this procedure is a complicated one because it involves planting a new tooth in place of a missing tooth. The tooth is made of a special type of metal that is safe for implantation and the jaw will not reject it and simply grow around it so that it locks into place easily.

3. Bonding: This procedure is relatively unheard of as it is not common and not all dentists can perform it as it requires a lot of experience when doing so. In this procedure the dentist actually repairs existing teeth that have been damaged. Dentist repair the teeth by using a special material that can fill in the damaged part and then they shape it into perfection.

4. Dental crowns: This procedure is not usually done alone or just for the sake of it. It is done to hold a damaged tooth together or to keep a damaged tooth from further decaying. Dental crowns are custom made according to the size of the tooth and cover the tooth when it is put over it. Dental crowns are usually made of ceramic or metal so they have a really long life and do not decay over time.

5. Dental braces: This procedure is very common among teenagers as when they are growing up and their parents see if their teeth are not growing out in proper setting they have braces put on their teeth which pull their teeth in a proper formation and make them straight. The braces are put in place for about a few years and it is a slow and painless process but is worth it if done at a proper age.

This is a list of procedures related cosmetic dentistry and people usually get at least one or two of the procedures from this list and if you have teeth problem you too should consider getting one of these done to your teeth.