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Are Awning Windows Right for You?

We’ve recently seen some great interior and exterior design trends, including the rise of different types of windows. Awning windows are one type of window that have often been overlooked, but are now experiencing a rise in popularity as homeowners search for alternative options. If you’re planning a window replacement job and want to try something new, awning windows could be just what you need.

What Are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are hinged windows designed to let in as much air as possible when you open them. They are hinged at the top and tilt open at the bottom, allowing you to open them from the bottom with a pushing motion. The design is simple, yet effective. You can fasten and lock the awning windows just like any others, but they’re easy to operate and you can open them as wide as they’ll go to fully ventilate your home.

Are Awning Windows the Best Choice for You?

Awning windows are an excellent choice for many homes. If you live in a very hot place and your home often gets stuffy, awning windows are perfect because they maximize airflow and encourage it to circulate more effectively around your home. One issue that some people have with windows designed for better ventilation is that they violate privacy to some degree; however, awning windows don’t open the entire way, so people won’t be able to see right into your home. You can also use opaque window glass for further privacy.

If you are only looking to replace some of your windows, awning windows are a good choice for the window replacements because they don’t look too different from traditional windows. Though the top-hinge function means they operate a little differently, they’ll match your other windows nicely and won’t dramatically transform your home’s exterior design. Other types of windows may also match well, but awning windows have the advantage of both looking good and performing well.

Sometimes, windows can be a struggle to operate, especially if they are inaccessibly located in the home. People who might struggle with more complex windows, such as sliding windows, will find that awning windows are easy to open and close. They don’t require you to fiddle about with them, you simply push them open and pull them closed. You can even lock them in the open position so that you get air coming in and ensured home security. Choosing new windows is all about figuring out what’s right for you and your home, and awning windows offer lots of advantages over other types.

Are Awning Windows Good Window Replacements?

Awning windows make good window replacements because they offer something new. It might sound strange, but something as small as a new window can change how a room looks and feels. For instance, with awning windows, you can increase ventilation in the room, let in more natural light and change how your windows look and operate. They are a simple yet effective way to give your home new features without straying too far out of your comfort zone or budget.

You can replace traditional windows with awning windows during a window replacement job because they don’t require you to make the space in your wall any bigger or smaller, unless you want to install new windows of different size. Contractors will be able to remove your original windows and then replace them with awning windows. They may need to do some additional work, such as casing or capping, but these are often a part of the window replacement procedure.

How Much Do Awning Windows Cost?

Like any other type of window, different window companies will have different prices for awning windows. Prices for window replacements really do range depending on the size that you require, the type of glass used, how the glass is cut and how much the contractors charge for their labour. On average, a typical-size awning window costs around $350, though smaller awning windows will be a bit cheaper and bigger ones can push the price up by hundreds.

Other things influence the price of awning windows, such as the colour, the shape, the frame and the grill. You’ll have to get quotes from several experienced contractors and compare them to settle on the best value for money. Installing awning windows is fairly straightforward and certainly not a huge procedure like installing bay windows is, so you should be able to find contractors who will replace your windows quickly and efficiently for a good price.