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A Woman’s Guide to Buying the Right Lingerie for Different Dresses

The words ‘undergarments’ and ‘lingerie’ are often used interchangeably, which is not completely incorrect. However, unlike undergarments, lingerie is more elaborated. These are better described as an indulgence – well-deserved for women. 

When you buy ladies underwear in Australia, several vital considerations drive your decision. The right choice of lingerie not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel good. The comfort you feel inside is translated as the glamour and confidence on the outside. 

This inner apparel calls for the same level of attention as the overall outfit. Here is a guide to help you find the best lingerie for different outfits.

  • Bikini

These are conventionally designed for pools and beaches. However, you can wear them with any other clothing type. A bikini is especially suitable for low-waist pants and short/crop tops. For satin and linen pants, seamless bikinis work best.

  • Hipster

If you’re looking for more coverage at the back and the bottom, hipsters are your choice. This trendier lingerie sits low on the hips and has a little more length in the legs.  Wear them with anything more covered..

  • Boyshorts

If your dress is body-hugging but not that revealing, boyshorts are your perfect pal. These are known for the amazing comfort they provide. With a little extended coverage, boyshorts make you look slimmer and especially suited for form-fitting dresses.

  • Thongs

Thongs are typically small fabric strips that provide coverage for strict essentials. These can be your go-to choice for low-waist pants. You can also pick them for your big nights or a glamorous beach day to take your appeal and oomph several notches up.

  • Bras

There are numerous choices when it comes to choosing the right bra. Based on the kind of support and look you want, you can choose from a host of designs, styles, and fabrics. For instance, a sports bra is great to wear for a workout or training session while a strapless bra is a must-have if you like to wear plunging necklines or strapless dresses.

  • Bustier

Bustiers are bra tops that extend to cover most parts of your torso. These are ideal to wear with a sheer blouse or top. You can also wear them alone with tights as gym wear, or adorn them for your big nights.

  • Camisole

Cami lingeries have spaghetti straps and are waist-length with a shapely silhouette. You can pick them to wear as an underneath layer with tees, shirts, and tops. You can also wear them alone for a casual look.

  • Chemise

A chemise is a great choice to wear for liberating nights or as an upper layer with the same colored bikinis and thongs. However, for a more conventional look, these slips are perfect to wear under sheer blouses or dresses.

  • Corset

One thing you want when wearing a fitting or body-hugging top, or a form-fitting nightgown, is a perfect hourglass silhouette. Corsets, better known as shapewear, are your go-to choice to camouflage those bulges and accentuate your figure in such dresses.

  • Bodysuit

A bodysuit, also known as a teddy, is a combination of underwear and a bra. Despite the extra coverage they provide, these are super-sexy and are one of the most popular choices for those indulgent nights. You can also wear it under your regular casual or formal wear for the support and comfort it delivers.

  • Garter belt

A coordinated bra and panty set is exactly what you want to hold up your thigh-high stockings. Garters accentuate your shapely legs and enhance your waistline highly suitable to wear underneath skirt dresses.