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The Main Essentials That a Public Bathroom Needs

A well-designed bathroom is like the prize of a treasure hunt, more enjoyable after a successful struggle! However, like most notorious treasure hunt stories, the treasure here is not a myth or legend. You can easily design a good and functional bathroom whether it is for a private building or a public one. All you need is a good understanding of what is needed in the design the most. 

While private bathrooms may have personal preferences of the owners, public bathrooms should be designed keeping in mind the general needs of the public. But what does the public need the most in a bathroom? 

While you may think that bathroom indicator locks and a good stock of toilet paper is all a public bathroom needs, the reality is quite different. There are a lot of factors to consider and things to look out for when it comes to public bathrooms. 

Here are a few of the most important essentials that any good public bathroom needs.

Privacy and Safety

The most important thing in any bathroom, especially a public bathroom is the providence of privacy and safety. If a public bathroom is located in a deserted and unsafe area, nobody would like to use it. Similarly, if a public building located in a safe and popular area doesn’t have enough privacy in its bathroom, people would feel uncomfortable in using it too. 

That is why the latest public bathroom lock with indicator has become quite popular. An indicator lock tells you if the booth is occupied and saves both the user and you from embarrassment. Many other safety measures can be taken to make the bathroom a safe and private area.

Ample Toilet Accessories

How many times have you used a public bathroom to find it’s out of soap or toilet paper? 

Too many times for it to be an acceptable situation. Yet it’s the reality of public washrooms that we all have day or the other. Hence, what we need most in public restrooms is an ample supply of toiletries and hygiene essentials. Even if the number of accessories you offer is less, what matters the most is that there is a sufficient amount and storage of whatever is being offered. Basic toiletries like toilet paper should not be the reason people feel uncomfortable using public restrooms.

Facilities for All Ages

A public area, whether it is a bathroom or a lounge, is for all the public. So, the facilities provided should also be for all the ages. If a public bathroom does not have proper arrangements for kids, mothers will find it difficult to use them. 

Similarly, if there aren’t enough booths for the elderly, they might have a difficult time going out without using a roper bathroom. Hence, it’s important to take proper care not just in designing the washroom but also in maintaining it.

Properly Planned Layout

A well-planned bathroom can easily fulfill all the needs of the public. No matter if it’s a kid or an elderly, a good layout can help you accommodate and provide for everyone in the best manner possible. When planning the layout, take special care of ensuring the privacy of the users. Not everyone is open to having closely built urinals while some may find the open stalls not private enough. 

Another factor is the ease of access and comfort level of the users. One more factor – is the placement of urinals, cubicles, and sinks. Placing the sinks at first and the urinals last make most public feel comfortable.

There are many other things that should be considered when designing or maintaining public washrooms. A well-designed, comfortable and safe restroom can have a huge impact on the user’s experience of the whole place. Hence, it is important to cater to the most basic needs of humans like good hygienic washrooms when planning a public building or space.