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Better Than Running: 8 Cool Arguments for Trampolining

Let me warn you right away, this material is a real bomb, even for myself.

When I got a trampoline, I still did not know everything that is written in this article. We bought a trampoline for our daughter and just jumped on it together. It was such a pleasure!

Then I tried some exercises on a trampoline from my usual morning cardio. After a couple of weeks, it became clear that in terms of effectiveness, these exercises are superior to conventional cardio workouts.

It is weird that I did not know all this before. In the end, trampolining became one of my obligatory morning rituals. I wanted to figure out what exactly a trampoline does with my body? Why is the body so good – both inside and out? I have been preparing this informative material for a long time and I am eager to share my discoveries with you.

1. The pleasure of exercise

I would rank trampoline in the first place when it comes to exercising. In my opinion, this alone is enough to go to the sporting goods store right now and buy a mini trampoline if you do not have one. I would suggest checking trampoline reviews first before going to buy one at

How often do you really enjoy sports? I am not talking about that tick of satisfaction in the head that we set ourselves for having spread a rug or stepped on a treadmill. I am talking about real buzz, fun and genuine joy from exercise.
At the same time, the enjoyment of sports is the key to improvement and development. And this is the main secret of trampolining.

It’s fun, which means it works for you like nothing else.

2. Trampoline against stress

Along with yoga and breathing practices, the trampoline has the most beneficial effect on our nervous system. However, unlike yoga, which I dearly love, the trampoline does this in the first seconds of classes.

Try jumping with a sour face for at least a minute. Whatever reason you have for sadness, you cannot continue to be unhappy on the trampoline. Therefore, jumping with dedication relieves stress, relieves depression, truly inspires and even inspires. During the morning trampoline, so many ideas come to my mind that sometimes I have to interrupt to record.

It’s all about endorphins; these little wizards appear in our body from jumping, cheer up and energize better than any coffee.

By the way, if you decide to give up coffee, a trampoline in the morning can be a great way to do it quickly and painlessly. Test on yourself!

3. Trampoline as an alternative to running

Many people acknowledge the numerous benefits of running. Still, I would say, “do not run”. I am one of them. I can warm up my body in a variety of ways in the morning, but never by running. I just do not like running for many reasons. At the same time, running is incredibly popular in the world, primarily for its undoubted benefit. Is there anything that can be contrasted in terms of effectiveness?

NASA physiologists have found that the benefits of trampolining far outweigh the benefits of running. More precisely, by 68%.
We will figure out the matter. The main disadvantage of running is the load on the joints of the legs. The force of gravity and the bodyweight of the runner exert tangible pressure on the bearing joints of the legs. And this happens every time a foot hits the ground.

Unlike a treadmill, the trampoline’s springy surface compensates for up to 80% of the load on the joints. For this reason, 10 minutes of trampolining are equal in effectiveness to 30 minutes of jogging. Thus, you can jump at home only 10-15 minutes a day and get the same effect as if you spent half an hour on a treadmill. It was also difficult for me to believe this, but it is true.

4. Trampoline against aging

Trampoline jumping, unlike other similar types of activity, have a direct effect on the lymphatic system. This system, the so-called “body waste”, utilizes cell waste – fats, toxins, heavy metals, viruses and even cancer cells. The more removed, the healthier we are.

Trampoline jumping stimulates the lymphatic ducts in the body and literally “squeezes” toxins from the lymph nodes, which begin to work 10 times faster than usual.

Regular detoxification of the entire lymph occurs. Imagine the long-term effect of such a cleansing?

Being essentially a cardio workout, regular trampolining increases your metabolic rate. All processes in the body begin to occur faster and more efficiently: assimilation of nutrients, cell renewal and output of waste products. The condition of the skin improves, ultimately extra pounds go away.

The body becomes more resistant to external negative influences. Combined with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, this can produce fantastic results!

5. Trampoline for a beautiful body

Here are many bonuses. Firstly, cellulite reduction. This is another excellent piece of news. It really works! If you jump regularly, the skin and muscles tighten, and from constant shaking, cellulite simply breaks from the inside. The struggle takes place both on the internal and on the external level. In such conditions, cellulite simply does not have a chance.

Secondly, the posture is leveled. Jumping strengthens the muscles of the back and abdomen, providing better support for the spine. A correct natural posture is formed.

6. Trampoline for heart, blood vessels and brain health

During trampolining, the most massive muscles of the lower body, such as calves, muscles of the front surface of the thigh and buttocks, work. They are also called the “lower heart.” By contracting, these muscles relieve part of the load from the heart and helping it pump blood.

When the legs work, the heart rests.

Thus, regularly training our legs, we not only make them beautiful and fit, but also form a healthy and robust heart. In addition, trampolining allows the brain to receive more blood, and subsequently, oxygen. As a result, brain activity, reaction speed, and clarity of mind increase.

7. Trampoline for the harmonious development of children

A trampoline is indispensable for a growing organism. The vestibular apparatus of the child is strengthened, motor skills and coordination are improved.

Children instinctively enjoy jumping. See how natural they are in this process! Children jump wherever possible and feel like a fish in water on a mini trampoline.

One of the best things you can do to instill a love of movement for your child is to give him around-the-clock access to the mini trampoline.

8. Mini trampoline at home – it’s convenient and cheap

A mini trampoline will fit into any city apartment. For example, my summer trampoline moved to the city in the fall, since we were not ready to part with it with the onset of cold weather. That is, initially this unit was not planned in the apartment … But could it be possible to ignore its effect? We have a trampoline with a diameter of 200 cm, it can bear a load of up to 80 kilograms. So even my husband is still having fun with him along with his daughter.


In conclusion, a few words about the trampoline technique. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and push off. All!

In general, any variations are possible. If you want to increase your heart rate faster and thereby enhance the effect of cardio, jump with your hands up or do a series of jumping jacks, as I do.

Be attentive to your body! No need to jump 15 minutes immediately without a break, if you have never done it before. Jumping does not cause any discomfort in a healthy person, but if you suffer from any disease of the musculoskeletal system or have suffered an injury, it is better to consult a doctor before using the trampoline.

Enjoy the movement, breathe deeply and smile! Visualize all the beneficial processes in the body that you read about in this article. With all your being, feel and accept the idea that movement is life. Be happy here and now.