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6 Key Facts All Parents Should Know Before Giving CBD to Their Kids

Cannabis legislation is ever-changing, and to date, 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use. However, only 11 states allow cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use in the US. Most people associate cannabis with drug abuse; however, it’s important to note the various components of this plant and their differences. For instance, although CBD contains chemicals, it does not have THC, the ingredient that gives users a “high.” Evidence shows that CBD is useful in managing cancer, autism, as well as anxiety problems. You should, however, only purchase medical cannabis from a specialist.

So, if you live in or around California, you should reach out to a Santa Monica, CA family medicine physician from GreenBridge Medical for expert advice.

CBD has gained popularity among parents whose kids are struggling with various medical conditions. An article by the New York Times stated that there is an increase in Facebook groups where parents discuss how CBD has helped their autistic kids and also those who have ADHD.

You should note that there’s insufficient research around CBD that is why parents must stay informed before giving any cannabis product to their children. Read on to see some of the crucial things all parents should know about CBD.

CBD And THC Are Not the Same

Both CBD and THC are found in the cannabis plant. However, they each contain different chemicals. THC is a psychoactive component that results in hallucinations or a “high” while CBD doesn’t. Epidiolex is currently the only FDA-approved CBD medication used to treat epilepsy.

CBD oil has changed people’s lives

If you look up CBD online, you’ll see thousands of testimonials on CBD oil. Parents say that CBD oil has helped to reduce their kids’ severe autism. According to Melissa Hilt, her daughter’s seizures decreased from 100 in a day to only twice a month, since she began using CBD oil.

CBD oil is not cheap

CBD oil is, to some parents, a miracle drug for their kids. Unfortunately, the price of CBD is so high that it makes it challenging for some to use it regularly. Aside from the expensive extraction and production process, companies selling CBD don’t receive support from financial service providers.

Also, the distribution of CBD products is hard because most retailers are hesitant to sell CBD in their outlets.

Some Parents Have to Move Across States to Access CBD

As mentioned earlier, CBD is not legal everywhere in the US. Parents who use CBD to treat their kids’ conditions have had to move to other states where it is legal.

CBD prescription is affected in states that haven’t legalized CBD

A hospital in Indiana once reported a parent to child protective services (CPS) claiming parental neglect. This mother had received CBD oil prescription to treat her child, who was suffering from epilepsy.

There’s A Need for Further Research

Experts are still uncertain whether long term CBD use is safe. That is why parents must seek medical advice before turning to alternative medicine to treat their kid’s conditions. Additionally, parents should never buy CBD online for safety reasons because you don’t know the source and ingredients.

Parents should stay alert and be well informed to avoid causing harm or worsening their kids’ conditions. Visiting a medical cannabis specialist such as the team at GreenBridge Medical will help you get satisfactory results and improve your child’s quality of life.