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Tips to Economize Space and Visually Enlarge One-Room Apartment

Two-in-one items – must have

Trying to combine the functions of several rooms in a one-room apartment, you will inevitably come across the fact that one piece of furniture should play different roles in the interior. The easiest way to correctly equip the only living room in a rented apartment is to use the possibilities of furniture so that in the daytime space resembles a living room, and at night it turns into a bedroom. Sofa-bed is an international solution to the problem of sleep in a studio apartment.

Multifunctional can be not only a sofa. Why not use the dining table for the dual purpose: it can act as a work desk or study place, and a place for a small company that will gather at the weekend. Excellent design solutions for a studio apartment.

One-room rented apartment is not a reason to abandon the bed in favor of a folding sofa. In the end, not everyone likes to mess with it in the mornings and evenings. Especially if the guests do not come to you often, and you are anxious about the orthopedic qualities of the mattress.

The bed is especially appropriate in oblong rooms, where it can be placed across, and the remaining space is reserved for the living room area with a couple of armchairs. Here you can find some models that will help you to economize space and still will look stylish.

Tip: The apartment does not have a balcony on which you can put off-season sports equipment? Occupy a vertical space: bicycles mounted on the wall not only quietly hang there all winter, but also become an interior reflection of your hobbies.

Do not be afraid of crowding

This advice should not be taken to the point of absurd – it is clear that if you hardly pass between pieces of furniture that are firmly pushed together, then something has gone wrong. Arrange furniture and plan functional areas based on common sense.

To know more about creating functional areas you can go on this site

The secret to success is a successful layout and an adequate choice of furniture sizes: in a small space, there is no need for a huge dining table, if the family has a bright enough corner group reminiscent of the atmosphere of a cafe table.

Attention to the balcony

The insulated balcony can be used as you like – as an office, as a space for storing sports equipment, as a winter garden or lounge area, and even organize an alternative bedroom here in summer. The main thing is to properly insulate.

You can make from your balcony a whole new place if you will read decorating tips from this site.

Get out of the room!

When it is required to place a living room, a bedroom, and an office in a single room, there is no need to overload the space with storage systems. Try to maximize them outside the living area – for example, use the hallway space. Wardrobes, open shelves, and wall panels with hooks for outerwear will also be useful.

Together and apart

In a one-room apartment, where more than one person lives, problems with personal space regularly arise. In fact, the two simply have nowhere to go from each other, and it’s not that someone is trying to hide something: sometimes, in order to regain strength and calmly reflect, a person simply needs a “psychological” barrier. A translucent partition wall will help to cope with this task: it does not interfere with the light to evenly fill the entire apartment, delicately splits the apartment into zones, and creates at least minimal privacy.