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How to Wear High Top Sneakers in 5 Awesome Ways

If you are looking for footwear that can be paired with just about anything, it’s time to consider some high top sneakers. This versatile style is a great way to spice up your outfits in the most comfortable way possible.

You might be wondering how to wear high top sneakers. Look no further because we have compiled five tips for completing every outfit with a pair of sneakers.

Read on to discover the comfort and style high top sneakers have to offer and why they should be a staple item in your closet.

Color Coordination

Color is an important aspect when considering how to wear high top sneakers. If you are looking for a go-to pair of shoes to add to your wardrobe, consider a neutral color that will match almost anything. This way, you won’t have to think too much before grabbing a pair of shoes and running out the door.

A pair of off white air jordans, for example, will do the trick. You can wear them with any color or pattern you might pull out of your closet.

Cropped Pants

If comfort is a priority and you are curious about how to wear sneakers fashionably, here is the solution.

Pair your high top sneakers with a nice pair of ankle-length jeans or chinos of any color. If your pants are full-length, roll them up a couple of times so they fall above the high top of the sneakers (you can either leave some skin showing or not). Depending on your style, you can achieve this look with distressed jeans or a cleaner look.


If you are going for a sportier look, or if you are headed to the gym, high top sneakers look great with leggings and gym wear. They look a little cooler than your standard sneaker, so they’ll spice up your sporty-chic outfit. This look is the epitome of comfort and style.

Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses

A good pair of high top sneakers go seamlessly with either bare legs or tights. They offer more coverage than your average pair of sneakers, which makes the look more interesting.

You can play around with the type of shorts, skirt, or dress you match with them and create a variety of different looks. You can go with anything from a casual t-shirt dress or jean shorts to something a little “fancier” like a sundress.


A cute or fun pair of socks is a great way to mix up your high top sneaker look. You can add a pop of color by pulling your socks up high above your sneakers. You can also do this more subtly by letting your socks peek out just above the top of the sneaker.

Final Thoughts on How to Wear High Top Sneakers

When you are thinking about how to wear high top sneakers, remember that, above all, they are versatile and comfortable. Whether you are going on a hike, to the gym, or out on the town, it is likely that you will be able to incorporate your high tops with your outfit.

Sneaker outfit ideas are endless, so a nice pair of high tops should be a staple in your closet. For more fashion and lifestyle tips, be sure to check out our blog.