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3 Efficient Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, you will find yourself looking for excuses to not get out from under your warm sheets in the morning. You’ll also be looking for excuses to not check your utility bill for the month. Heating your home should not have to put a damper on your monthly budget. Here are three efficient ways to heat your home this winter.

Programmable Thermostat

By setting your home to be a constant temperature throughout the day, you are unnecessarily wasting money by keeping your heat on when it doesnt need to be. Programmable thermostats allow you to pre-set your home to be different temperatures throughout the day, turning the heat on or off depending on how you program it. When you’re at work and no one is home, you do not need to be running your heat. By allowing you to set specific times throughout the day for your heat to be on, the programmable thermostat is much more efficient than a traditional thermostat. You can program your thermostat to heat your home so when you return home from work in the afternoon, your house is already warm and toasty for you. Depending on how you use it, a programmable thermostat will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Did you know if your property does not have a boiler and central heating system, or the boiler is not working as it should and needs to be replaced, then there are central heating grants available for some households under the ECO 3 scheme? To find out more about who can qualify you can read through the Warma UK central heating grant guide.

Propane Fireplace

A traditional way to heat your home, fireplaces are some of the most requested amenities in homes today. However, the type of fireplaces installed in a home can have a significant impact on your monthly utility bill. Compared to a wooden fireplace, propane fireplaces are the better choice due to their efficiency. With propane, you only need to burn as much fuel as necessary to maintain the desired temperature inside of your home. Propane fireplaces are also very easy to install, and require fewer chores to maintain. Wooden fireplaces can be costly, and require you to take time out of your day to chop wood. Rather than waste your time taking care of your wooden furnace, seek out information regarding a propane fireplace installation for you and your home.

Portable Room Heater

While not the most convenient of heating methods, a portable room heater is an incredibly efficient way to heat whatever part of your home that you are in. A portable room heater will allow you to overcome an inconsistent or inadequate central heating . You can take the heater with you room to room if necessary too! These portable heaters can also be used to add some extra warmth to a room where someone with sensitivity to the cold may reside. If you are only going to be in a room for a few hours, using a portable heater instead of your central heat will save you money on your monthly utility bill.

With so many options at your disposal, finding an efficient way to heat your home this winter should not be an issue. You want to be able to enjoy the winter months, and not have to suffer through high utility bills (or cold homes).