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Know Your Spiritual Life Plan

When we experience a crisis, we ask why this fate overtakes us. Less consideration is given to the thought that we have a spiritual life plan that may be responsible for it. But there is more to this spiritual life plan than bad times.

The plan hides fixed points that you should experience in life. Your karma is very closely related to the life plan. The life plan itself is, in principle, the stage on which karma can or should be reduced. The karma itself cannot be worked on if there are no tasks to do with it. And for every task there are people to help you with it. These people come into your life and eventually leave you. Often these are people who are important to you.

You can compare the spiritual life plan like a movie with actors and a script. But we experience this film as real life. Important decisions are made at fixed points in the life plan. This can be a new job, a new place of residence, the birth of a child or the death of a partner. In addition, the classic fixed points are important encounters with people such as deep friendships or the spouse. The animals must not be forgotten either. They can also play an important role in your life and be an integral part of your spiritual life plan.

Parents and spouses are an important part of the spiritual life plan

Your parents are also part of your life plan and mostly your karma partners at the same time. This also applies to other people who exceed your life plan. But not every encounter with people in your life has to do with personal karma. But parents can sometimes play a big role and give us big tasks. Sometimes we try to solve this problem all our lives. Parents may not have given the child the love they need. Or it had to find out that it was undesirable. Another important person in the life plan could be the spouse. This person can also present us with challenges related to karma.

The fixed points of the spiritual life plan often maintain a karmic task as well. It is therefore important not to deviate from the life plan. Some people refuse to participate in life mentally and physically. This could manifest itself in the flight from long-term illness, drug addiction or alcoholism. But whoever refuses the way of the life plan will certainly not be happy. There is pain when you don’t get your chores done or don’t even try.

Astrology helps you understand the life plan

As a rule, however, we are on the right path of the life plan. We get support from the planets who help us. This is where astrology comes in. It reveals important information and gives you an insight into your life plan. The planets and their aspects influence us humans. When this happens, we feel an inner urge to do or not to do something. And sometimes we only notice mental moods.

However, if such astrological aspect has a strong effect and creates an urge in us, then a change in life is very likely. This possible change could be an essential point in your life plan. We see that we are not worried about completing our life plan.

Those who resist this inner urge can hold out for a while. Some people manage not to give in to this inner urge by resisting it. Sometimes the fears are too great to take a risk and initiate change. Those who do this avoid letting go of old life and stagnating. This also applies to inner spiritual growth.

If you want to find out what your life plan is hiding, you can get information from an astrologer. Because your own talents and abilities are also decisive for whether the life plan can be fulfilled. In spiritual astrology and karma analysis we can easily recognize such processes of change. Because the personal horoscope can reflect great events in a certain area of ​​life.

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