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Highs And Lows Of Australian Property In 2020

2020 has seen the fall of business in many industries because of the pandemic taking its stand and the governments announcing lockdown worldwide. The global economy has seen a shuttered downfall in this pandemic. Almost all the countries saw their economy fall because of this pandemic. People were inside their homes and there was no business that was allowed to operate. Gradually people shifted to online business and making their business online, but that was still not possible for all.

Real Estate Downfall

Real estate was a business that required interacting with people at their maximum. This business saw the most downfalls of all times. However, when most countries were experiencing the decrease in the rental and property prices of their real estate, the case was a bit different for Australia. It was years since Australia had seen a recession in their real estate sector. The last time Australian real estate market saw recessionary downfall was during the 1930s.  But even with the pandemic going on and the world facing a major recession, Australia did not see a downfall as big as the other countries.

The Gradual Recovery

Australia did see a downfall but it is gradually recovering from the stages of it. There are several reasons for it. 

1. The main one is the low cost debt. The borrowing cost of money is very low. This is one of the major reasons that it factors an important part in influencing the property values by The low borrowing cost has lowered the funding costs of the bank. This in turn will result in fewer mortgage rates. The study thus yielded the result that the reduction in the cash points of borrowing money by 100 points would lower the cost of property values by almost 85 in over 2 years. 

2. Also another problem faced was of the debt. The people working in services saw that with the business closed, they could not afford the life and the ability of the households. The mortgage repayment deferral helps in stopping this vicious cycle. They cannot serve as a permanent solution to the cycle of debts but they can serve as a temporary hindrance against the debts. The people, who do not want to sell their property during the economic uncertainty because they could not pay their mortgage, will not have to sell it during these times. There was a study that said that the owners already had 3 months of prior payments on their mortgages received and with the deferral those can also be extended.

3. Also because of the reduced social interaction there were some parts of the property coverage that were insulated. The housing markets that were otherwise booming with the tourists or people coming to the cities saw a gradual decrease in the area. This was mainly because of the fact that the pandemic did not allow going outside. These norms of social distancing started a cycle of insulation in the areas and regions which were otherwise covered by the tourists all year around. 

The Factors That Helped

But this housing insulation was of a specific kind. The ones that lost the jobs were less likely to have a mortgage debt. So this kind of isolation only saw a decrease in the rental income from the social gathering and tourist adventures and rentals. So these people were either working or were still getting education in higher aspects. That chunk of population is very less likely to have any sort of mortgage debt. So the isolation did not see the increase in mortgage debt but it saw a gradual decline in the rental revenues from the source.

In A Nutshell

 Thus, it is clear that Australian rules and policies were quite in favour of the real estate market. The downfall which would have otherwise taken a huge plunge into the deep economic fall could not have been managed. But with this system of mortgage, that allows the deferral of payments, the ones using the mortgage were saved from any type of debts that could have been incurred because of it. Moreover, the other losses were also not subject to mortgage debts. The residual side income in real estate came from the rental spaces which saw a downfall because of the lockdown and the social distancing did not bring in well with the tourists but that didn’t increase the overall mortgage debt. All in all, Australian system did see a gradual rise and it was all these policies that contributed to it. 

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