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How to Earn a Lot of Money

You definitely know at least some stories when somebody was so desperate that he went to play in a casino and won a lot of money. Leave alone those Mega Moolah and Vegas jackpots! They have changed the lives of at least several people forever!

However, believing that you are going to be the next lucky one is at least naive. Millions of people play online casino slot games daily. Just imagine how many of them lose everything. And how many are those who win some dollars only?

Thus, playing even in the best online casino such as Rich Prize is not as easy as one might believe. There are some things that you shall know and tips that you shall follow. Those are not only strategies, or, rather not strategies. They are useless in the case even with the best online slots. The reason? All the results are absolutely random. Nobody, even the best online casino can forecast the outcome of every spin.

Casino slot games provided by a reliable casino such as, are tested constantly to ensure they generate results completely randomly. This is one of the main benefits of playing casino slot games. There, results cannot be adjusted.

Thus, what about strategies that you can use to play slots online and win constantly? Well, they don`t exist. Even if somebody tells you they know a strategy that works 100%, don`t believe them. This is a scam and all they want is your money. Otherwise, they would already play top-paying online casino slots aiming to become millionaires.

Casino Slot Games from and Other Providers Are Waiting for You

However, it is possible to increase your chances and win in the long term. There are some useful tips to follow when you play casino games online.

Are you ready to learn all the secrets of playing casino slot games? We will skip the most standard ones such as checking the casino`s license, etc. If you have decided to try your luck, you, most likely, know the basics. Thus, let us move on and check how to choose your online casino slots.

  • The very first thing to check is the RTP. The higher it is, the more chances a player has to win. This is a value that shows how much from the deposited money a casino would give in the form of winnings. Even the best casino, such as will not give away all the deposited money. Usually, slots have a pretty high RTP. However, it is almost never 100%. And of course, if a casino offers more than 100%, it looks either like nonsense or like a scam. We would recommend avoiding that provider by all means.
  • Online casino slots are also characterized by their volatility. Some games have a high volatility level while some can boast with low volatility. This is neither bad nor good. You just want to consider it when choosing online slots to play. High volatility games require a lot of money but wins can be immense there. Well, losses can be immense, too. And low volatility games offer relaxed gameplay with smaller bets. There, you might not win immediately thousands of dollars but neither will you lose a lot. Thus, low volatility games are for those who count on winnings in the long run.
  • When you play casino online, even the most reliable one, like, make sure you control your expenses completely. These online slots are pretty addictive. If you don`t set limits when you play online slots, you are risking to end up with empty pockets.
  • Make breaks. It seems to be easy but this is one of the main prerequisites to avoid gambling addiction. If you can stop the game when you have planned to do it, you can control it.

All in all, be wise when you play online slots. There are no 100% working strategies that help to win all time. But if you manage the game and your expenses in a smart way, you can start winning more and more. And this is what you wanted to.