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8 Cold-Weather Tips For Better Sleep

During the colder months, your health is at greater risk. It is easier to feel weaker and to contract irksome colds. This can quickly worsen the quality of your sleep, which is one of your best defences against becoming ill in the first place. So, to help you get the quality of rest you need to stay healthy through winter, here are 8 cold-weather tips.


Our first thought when feeling cold is often to wrap up in layers. While this is very helpful, our body’s main goal is to maintain the warmth of its inner organs. You can expedite this process by simply consuming hot foods and drink. Hot chocolates and green tea are great warming drinks to have in the evening that will heat you up without interfering with your sleep.

Stay Active

It is easy to fall into lethargy during the cold months. Facing the outside world and even snow can put you off your regular activity. However, maintaining your usual level of exercise is important for your body’s energy levels. Finding an excuse to stay active will make sure your body is able to fall asleep without feeling pent-up.

Wrap Up

The duvet that kept you warm during summer nights is unlikely to offer the same comfort during winter. You are always able to kick off an extra blanket if you become too warm, however without this extra blanket, you will only be cold. Consider another layer, preferably with natural fabrics as these are better equipped to store heat than their synthetic counterparts.

An Extra Hour

Sleep is key to your wellbeing. During the colder months, our bodies must work harder to stay warm and, as such, they use more energy. It is imperative that we allow ourselves more time to sleep at night so that our bodies have the time they need to fully rest.

Air Quality

The methods we often use to heat our homes also bring about dryness. While turning on the radiators is a standard winter activity, restoring the lost humidity is not. Itchy and dry skin detracts from our comfort and can be troublesome during sleep. A humidifier will help restore the balance of your home.

Quality Comfort

A mattress is the most significant factor in our quality of sleep. If you do not have the right mattress for your body, or your mattress is now too old to offer the same support, your sleep will suffer.

Body Clock

Since we tend to stay inside at this time, it can be easy for our bodies to crave daylight. Without a clear distinction between night and day, our body clocks find it difficult to know when to fall asleep. By going outside and getting as much daylight as possible, you will sleep better.

Heated Home

Heating your home does not have to be an expensive task. There are many ways in which you can maintain its warmth without the cost. Cooking slower foods, such as soups and stocks, can help, as can simply keeping doors and curtains closed to support an insulated room.

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