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5 Tips for Selling Your Car

Perhaps you’ve been driving the same car for a while and you’re ready for a new vehicle. Or, maybe you finally got that big promotion and now you can afford your dream car from car buyers Yorkshire. Either way, it’s time for you to sell your old car.

Whether your car is a sputtering old machine, or still in tip-top shape, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell it for some extra pocket cash, or to gain a sizeable lot of money to put toward your next vehicle. Here are 5 tips on selling your car that’ll help you make the most money possible on the sale.

Spruce Up Your Car

Before you sell your car, you should try and spruce it up best you can. This can truthfully be one of the trickiest things about selling your vehicle. You’ll want to repair or upgrade it just enough to boost its value, but you don’t want to spend too much money or else you’re not going to make as much on the sale. If there are major issues with the vehicle that will cost you thousands of dollars to fix, you should only fix them if you’re also going to boost the value by an even greater number. If not, it’s best you don’t worry about it. There are some improvements you can do yourself—you can give your car a nice wax by just using a car waxing kit.

You should try and fix the small things. Replace missing vent tabs, or clean the carpets with your best cleaning products. While these might not seem like major enhancements, savvy buyers will point out those kinds of deficiencies to negotiate a lower price. If you can make your car look as good as new, you can ask for a higher price and you’ll also be in a better bargaining position.

Sell Online

Nowadays, selling your car online can be the fastest, easiest, and most lucrative way to sell your used vehicle. The Internet can reach hundreds or even thousands of interested car buyers, and making an online listing is way faster than driving around the city and posting adds on street posts.

When you’re selling online, try and vet anyone that responds to your listing to make sure they aren’t robots or scammers. Never give out your personal information to anyone online, and if you’re going to meet someone to show them the car, try and do it in a safe, public place. You shouldn’t have them come to your house because you shouldn’t let strangers know where you live.

Be sure to post lots of high-quality photos of your car to draw more responses, and learn the best strategies to persuade people to buy your car.

Make Physical Ads

Although the Internet is a great way to advertise the car you’re selling, you should still advertise in the old-fashioned way: by posting physical ads around your neighborhood. There’s so much content online that it’s easy for your listing to get buried behind other listings. Also, it’s much easier to sell to someone who lives in your area because it’s easier to arrange test drives and other financial meetings. Your physical ads should also have some high-quality photos of the vehicle.

Careful About Test Drives

There will come a point when an interested buyer will want to meet and test drive the vehicle. Many sellers let drivers take the vehicle on a test drive alone, so long as the drivers hand over an ID or credit card for security. Indeed, most car buyers are generally trustworthy. But you should insist on accompanying the person on a test drive just to be safe. You never know who may be trying to steal your vehicle, and credit cards and ID’s can be easy to fake.

Like mentioned earlier, be sure to meet the buyer in a safe, public place.

Get Everything in Writing

Always get any agreements in writing, and make sure they’re signed by you and the buyer. These agreements range from the final price you agree to, to the date you’ll hand over the keys, to the date you receive your check. Most of the times these transactions go smoothly, but there are freak instances where the buyer takes the vehicle and doesn’t pay you as much as they said they were going to. Make sure all your agreements are in writing just so that you have some legal backing in case the transaction doesn’t go as planned.

Buying a new car is exciting, but figuring out what to do with the old one can be stressful. But so long as you abide by these 5 strategies, you’ll make a solid earning when you sell your used vehicle.