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The Guide to Dating Asian Women (What You Should Know)

Want to date Asian women? Many men do. Asian women have their stereotypes. And much comes from culture, media, and travel experiences. In fact, “Asian” itself is a broad category. Because there are many types.

You have Westernized Asians. Those are your Asian-Americans of all backgrounds. And to an extent, they include first world Asians (South Koreans, Japanese). You then have those from lesser financial backgrounds. Those are your “Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Pilipino” women. They differ. And if you’re dating one, there are few things to expect. We’ll help you with that. We’ll mention those features below, and how they matter!

First – Lower Income Asians.

Let’s start with those. As of recent years, they’ve attracted the attention of Western men. And for many reasons. They’re not like Western (or Westernized) women. That is, they’re more, feminine, and less career-focused. They supply something many Western men are missing. However, unless you want them for hookups, dating one is a tough experience.

Financial Scams.

That’s something to watch out for. Especially if you’re in a long-term relationship with women from a poorer background. Some of them are “status climbers”. They either marry into a better home, or for the Visa. When scouting for one, you should keep that in-mind.

How Do I Find the Best?

Try mail order brides. This is an international marriage system. It’s a form of long distance dating. Only difference is, people who sign up for it look to marry. That’s where you’ll find excellent Asian women. And especially if you’re marrying through a reputable network…

That is – one that does background checks to the detail. It’s actually used extensively in some Asian countries. And it’s not for marrying Western men. It’s also for cross-Asian marrying!

For example Vietnamese women are popular users of this network. They actually use it to find Chinese Han men. A commonly cited reason is better treatment by Chinese husbands than Vietnamese ones. That is, they’re more caring, softer in demeanor, and less likely to engage in domestic violence. You can read more on that yourself. But the point is, mail order brides aren’t for “gold diggers.” They’re people who seek intimacy. And they make cultural background a prime criteria of judgment!

Next – Higher Income Asians.

Now we get to the interesting part. Westernized Asian women aren’t like “Lower Income Asians”. They differ in many aspects. And for a few reasons…

First – History.

Asian women in the West are second to fourth generation. They come from immigrant backgrounds. And an immigrant’s lifestyle is filled with hustling and hard work. So often, you’ll find job status and education at the forefront of their minds. Degrees matter, your career matter, and your academic achievements are vital. And it’s not for the sake of a “feminist persona.” The roots of this come from (and are enforced) by earlier generations. If you lack a good education/job, you’ll struggle a bit. Or at least, your Asian date will struggle to introduce you to family. There’ll be shame involved.

As for 1st World Asians…

They’re somewhat similar, but more open. But education still matters there. They all rank high on the “education index” (Singapore as 9th, Korea as 15th, and Japan as 17th). Their education systems are high performance, and high pressure. They’re also less open to foreigners. Japan and South Korea harbor 1-4% of their population as foreigners. So it’s not a melting pot. And dating someone else is often an exotic experience!

What This Means.

You need to find a likeminded couple. If you’re looking for uprightness and productivity, Westernized Asian women work well. If you want a simpler and more intimate relationship, go for other Asian women. But here’s something you should know…

People Differ In Any Culture.

Culture isn’t the only definer of someone’s mannerisms. Personal choices and struggles, plus one’s ambitions/personality factor in. So you’ll surely find exceptions in any culture. So note that the previous information gives you a general cultural picture. It gives you explanations if you see certain behaviors. But stay open-minded. And keep your options open. Listen to the person you date. Know them well before rejecting them!