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Work From Home in Style: Top 7 Modern Home Office Ideas

In today’s digital age, more than ever people are working from home. Around 70% of people are working from home at least one day each week.

But, working from home is only possible if you have a productive space to work in. That’s where the modern home office comes into play. If you have the ability to transform an area of your home into an office, there’s never been a better time.

Keep reading to discover modern home office ideas so you can transform your space into something that’ll inspire you to work.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

The first thing you want to decide on when decorating your home office is a color scheme.

Start by looking into the psychology of color. For instance, yellow can bring warmth and energy to your office while purple provides wisdom. Think of the ideal emotion you want your office to promote, then find a color that helps provide that.

This doesn’t mean you need to paint your whole office in royal purple though. Try painting just one wall in your chosen color and keep the others neutral. Or, stick with a neutral color on all walls and bring in the color through your accessories and artwork.

2. Minimalism Is Modern

Thanks to Marie Kondo, minimalism is a popular approach to home office design. This means that most things in your office should serve at least one real purpose, if not multiple.

The days of large sculptures or furniture that no one’s allowed to sit on are long gone.

Instead, when it comes to artwork and accessories, find functional pieces. Books are a great example of this as they can be a great resource while also providing a burst of color and personality.

When it comes to your furniture, look for multi-functional pieces. Instead of using rigid chairs for guests, opt for a storage ottoman or bench.

3. Use Open Shelving

While new and trendy, many people are hesitant to jump on the open-shelving bandwagon. But instead of shutting the cabinet doors in your office, use your supplies to make a statement with open shelving.

Start by placing a few central items on your open shelves. Those colorful reference books, photos of your family, and industry awards should be on full display.

Then, for the things you would normally stuff inside a drawer, purchase some baskets, storage boxes, or even vintage chests. These will act as attractive hiding spaces for all your clutter.

If the open shelving concept starts to overwhelm you, think curtains. Attach a curtain rod above the shelving unit so you can hide the shelves away from view on a moment’s notice.

4. Bring in Texture With a Rug

One of the top office decor ideas is to bring texture into a room with a rug.

Purchase a woven or fur rug to bring a unique texture to the room. It also provides a bit of warmth if your office has hardwood floors.

Rugs are also a great way to bring in color or design.

Opt for a solid-colored rug that matches your accent wall color. Or, go with a rug that plays off the designs featured in your hanging artwork. Either way, it will help provide a cohesive feel to the space.

5. Natural Light Is Key

Looking for home office design ideas? Start by concentrating on natural light.

If you have the luxury of completely designing the office, consider full-length windows in the office. Pay attention to which side of the house receives the most sunlight throughout the day and position your office windows on that wall.

If your office space is already existing, you’ll have to work with what sunlight you already have. To maximize your natural light, ditch the curtains or blinds. Instead, opt for an anti-glare screen protector on your computer.

You can always add in extra light with lighting fixtures. Consider using Halogen bulbs as they give off a hue similar to natural light.

6. Open Up the Space With Mirrors

Many times, home offices are small and cramped. Being trapped in a confined space can make it hard to concentrate and perform your best work. But you don’t need to take out a few walls to open up the space, mirrors can also do the trick.

Mirrors give off the illusion of a larger space and provide a better flow to an area. Place a mirror opposite your door or desk to open up the area. The larger the mirror, the more of an impact it will have.

7. Add in Some Plants

No home office is complete without a few living plants. That’s because plants aren’t only attractive, but they come with a wide array of health benefits too!

Studies show that having plants in an office can improve productivity and concentrate by up to 15%. Not only that, but they remove toxins from the air, providing cleaner air for you to work with.

If you’re new to the plant world, don’t worry about not having a green thumb. There are plenty of plants that are perfect for your office as they need minimum care. Try an aloe plant, snake plant, or even succulents.

Try These Modern Home Office Ideas

These are just a few of the modern home office ideas trending right now.

Remember that no matter how attractive an office is, the office is useless if it’s not functional. Start your office redesign by arranging your necessary office equipment first. Then you can use a few of these tricks to make the room a more attractive work environment.

Looking for ways to modernize other rooms throughout your home? Head over to the Decor section of this site for more great tips and tricks.

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