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5 Essentials Every Hunter Should Have

Over the span of last five years, almost 101.6 Million Americans have gone out on hunting, fishing or wildlife endeavors. Hunting is one of the most exciting activities to indulge in. The adrenaline rush, the fancy outdoors — and a fantastic experience in nature is something nobody would want to give up on.

However, in today’s fast-paced world it is very difficult for one to take out enough to be preparing and then executing a plan to actually go out on a planned hunting trip. In cases like these the only ideal time that is allowed to an individual to go out there and hunt is the weekends!

Now when a person is going out hunting, everybody has their own priorities in regards to what they want to take with them.

For some people apparel comes first whereas for certain individuals it is a matter of taking the best food with them to enjoy their time out. It is a personal choice of course. However, even though the number of items on the priority lists for people may differ, the items that should make it to the list are often the same. Every hunter knows!

Here we present to you 5 of those things that need to be with while you take on a hunting adventure to make the most out of your experience!

1. Knives and Knife Sharpeners

If we can call it that, knives and tools have a functionality that no other tool can replace. They are, more or less, the backbone of a hunting adventure. To further echo the importance of knives in hunting it is good for you to know that over $22.9 Billion were spent by hunters on knives alone in the year 2009 in US.

Now, when taking knives with you, one should always be carrying multiple knives with them inclusive of a pocketknife for ease. A pocket knife serves a vast array of functions and can come in handy — God Forbid! If a bear attacks you

Once the knives have been decided on, it is wise to make a move toward knife sharpeners. A dull knife is practically useless and might make things extremely inconvenient for you as well as your peers. You can’t sustain in the woods without a knife, my hunter friend!

2. Relevant Apparel and Clothing

What a hunter is wearing during hunting is of utmost importance. One needs to be extremely careful in regards to the kind of weather they are going into and also to wear clothing that does not tear off very quickly.

Fancy clothing is a big NO unless you have a photoshoot in the wild to post on social media. So avoid fancy clothing and focus on staying safe and keeping your body protected.

Where the clothing is important, the hunting boots are what need to be taken care of the most. A hunter has to pick reliable hunting boots that provide support to the feet, are comfortable and also remain unharmed by any external factors i.e. weather.

Get the right clothes and shoes before you jump into the wild. Trust Us! You will thank us after the hunting trip.

3. First Aid Items

Whenever you make the call of taking up on an outdoor adventure, this one is kind of a given. One has to take precautions in cases any scratches, cuts and even unforeseen medical circumstances occur that involve a little more work than just a casual cut or scratch.

Research shows than almost 9 out of 10 teenagers would like more knowledge on first aid items — so schools should seek to educate youngsters on the benefits of first aid and how one should use them wisely in case of emergency.

If teenagers have that kind of mindset then it is important for hunters to keep that in mind too. First aid is essential and just as the name suggests — it is your first aid into hunting!

4. Toilet Paper

This particular item is probably lower down in the list for most hunters – to be carrying around – but one has to be careful these days. Several viruses, bacteria and insect-related illnesses have been making the rounds around hospitals now.

Hunting is fun and is supposed to be a raw experience but at the same time should not be threatening to your health! Especially not when there is a simple precaution available for it.

Sure, one can always turn to good old leaves for the cause but this isn’t the 1500’s or before that. There is an alternative and hunters need to make use of this alternative that they have.

Better safe than sorry hunters! Grab your toilet paper and stuff it into your bag of hunting supplies to make sure you don’t just go hunting, you come back safe and sound too!

5. Any Source of Lighting

When you’re going out to hunt, it is barely ever a day’s affair. It takes a couple of days and nights for one to enjoy and successfully conclude a hunting adventure so a flashlight, torch or even a headlamp is very important to be carried around. This source of light will be beneficial in navigating as well as keeping a check on animals and nature around you to remain secure.

There have been several cases where hunters have either lost their way or couldn’t see dangers approaching them, which sometimes results in death. Many hunters have been missing for years because of the lack of preparation on their trip.

One cannot put enough emphasis on how important a source of light is during a hunting trip. And hey, it allows you to cook, clean and do other activities with ease too!

Hunting is fun and there is absolutely no doubts about that but hunters also need to be fully prepared before they take on this adventure because believe it or not it can be risky if one goes unprepared!

So keep the above essentials on your checklist before you head out to hunt next time!