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Fotor is What You Really Need When Dealing with Photo Editing

We are in the age of photo editing. Every magazine cover, every fashion shot, every poster is worked on the computer, modified and embellished. Sometimes these are small calibrations. We work on contrast, on shades of colors, we try to highlight certain details with light. At other times, however, the hand of the Photoshop expert becomes more invasive and erases wrinkles, skin imperfections, cellulite.

Thus all the VIPs always appear perfect and enviable and a dangerous mechanism is established that we are all now more than aware of.

Photo editor programs, however, are not only used by professionals. For a long time now, every computer owner has been trying to exploit them to arrange the photos in their archive. Bad shots, either by shot or by light, can in fact be saved by a wise use of these software, which in some cases really work miracles. The only problem is that these programs are not at all easy to use and require a relatively long learning curve.

If you are new to photo editing and still want to learn how to edit your images, today we provide you with a quick guide to tackle the most common problems.

There are many kinds of photo editing applications but only a handful are reliable and easy to operate, one of which is Fotor. is more recent than the previous ones. It has a very minimal interface, even if sometimes as in the case of texts it can be a bit confusing, it offers very effective basic tools even if some filters and effects require the opening an account (free for a limited time), the collection of stickers applicable on the photos is remarkable. Note the Design section dedicated to the customization of covers for the most popular social networks. Also available in App version for mobile.

Fotor is a very complete application. It has three main features; Edit a Photo, Make a Collage and Create a Design. So far the application has processed billions of photos and has more than 300 million users.

One thing that stands out from this tool is the line of beauty retouching tools it has. You can put your “without make-up” photo and edit it so that it looks like your natural make-up photo. There is no visible fake element at all, distinguishing it from many similar applications that leave fake impressions on edited photos. We have tried it with some girl stock photos and we were satisfied with the results.

When you edit photos with Fotor, you will have at least 3 main functions that can be applied to your photos; editing, adding effects and portrait retouching. And as if that wasn’t enough, you can combine the edited photos with various amazing templates provided. The template feature is especially needed when you want to create a poster. This is a very complete application and we can use it according to our wishes, whether as a photo editor or even as a poster maker.