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5 Tips for Preventative Drain Maintenance

The best and the most basic way to prevent clogging of the drain or any problem related to draining is by being mindful of what you put in it. This preventive approach can help you save a ton of money that you may spend on products or hiring a professional.

There are many drain care products available in the market that can help you regarding the effective maintenance of the drainage system. These products come packed in different varieties carrying out diverse functions, this is why it is crucial to select the right type. Check out the drain cleaning tips.

  • Drain Guard

These small guards can be put upon the drain in order to not allow any wasteful material to pass away. This ensures that the life of the drain is sustained for a longer period of time. There is a huge variety of drain guards available in the market, so make sure to buy the one which is of premium quality to acquire high-grade results.

  • Drain Cleaner

This is an amazing solution that you can use to clean the drain at your home. An enzyme drain cleaner can efficiently clean the drains – all you have to do is simply pour the solution and wait for the magic to happen. In about thirty minutes, the drain would be good as new. You can repeat this process every two months but make sure not to overdo it.

  • Boiling Water

This is a great inexpensive way to treat your drain without putting up much effort. The boiling water due to its high temperature causes the other particles to melt, and make way for the water to pass on. This acts as a cleaning agent and can hence, clean the drainage system effectively. You can do this process in just two minutes and get results instantly.

  • Hire a professional

No one can possibly do this job better than a trained professional like Mr Drains and this is why when it comes to maintenance, you should always go for an expert. This person is equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to finish the job effectively. Moreover, he or she would also guide you regarding the helpful tips to maintain the drainage system.

  • Beware while washing pets

Washing your pet is one of the best feelings in the world, but in that process, you may be causing great harm to your drainage system. The small hairs of the dogs often get stuck in the process and end up clogging the whole mechanism. A good way to deal with the problem is by laying down a cloth while cleaning your pet and then disposing of the dirt. This will prevent any clogging and will also keep the mechanism actively secure and sound.