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The 4 Key Trends in Exterior Wall Cladding

When it comes to exterior wall cladding, it is a lot more than just a shield to protect the outside of your home from any sort of weather extremes. Most people think that is its singular purpose which is really not the case. If one actually sits down and thinks about it, there are many interesting, unique and beautiful facades that can be created. Plus, more and more trends are coming into fashion on a yearly basis, leaving you with a lot more choice to pick and choose which ones work best for you.

There are so many cladding materials for you to choose from that things can be hard to keep track of initially, even with the best cladding material for Brisbane. However, out of all the options available to you, it would be in your best interests for you to go for the most popular and celebrated trends and materials that are making waves in the market today. To know more, take a closer look at the five most popular trends in exterior wall cladding:-

  • Combination of the cladding materials: Using different cladding materials is one of the most popular trends doing the rounds. Even though there are many people by the use of only one cladding material, there have been quite a few converts to the fold.

This trend means using at least two or more different cladding sheets, creating a contemporary look with a unique touch. On the outside, by using more than one type of cladding, you will be able to accurately define different areas of the building and break up the large areas at the same time. Hence, the level of visual interest will be high when people look at it, creating an excellent first impression.

  • The use of different colours: This is done on a singular cladding sheet with different colours that complement each other. Studies show that it has the potential to attract much more attention from visitors than most of the other generic wall cladding options.

Different colours do not necessarily mean both colours are from the opposite side of the spectrum, but different shades of the same tonal colour that work together. Sometimes extremely different colours work together, but a certain amount of research needs to be done before attempting that.

  • Aluminium cladding sheets: In this regard, providing the skin of the building is one aspect. The other added advantage is that these sheets are corrosion resistant and one can find a wide variety of choices. Because of its versatility, many contrasting looks can be created, which is a rare find.
  • Marble and wood textures: The best part about both these options is that they completely maintenance free, which is not something you will find in any other cladding option. Plus, they give a different kind of feel to the building.
    To illustrate further, they have the appeal of a formal, yet delicate look giving them a high aesthetic appeal. It is mainly for this reason that they are used in many modular designs.

If you are one of those people who is building a house from scratch, that automatically gives you an edge over others because unlike them, you will be able to implement the necessary trends at the very beginning itself. This will not hold true for the other homeowners who will have to work twice as hard to achieve the same exterior wall cladding. Plus, doing so will give you a keen sense of inspiration to try and implement other types of trends as well.

In every single case, the exterior finish of a building is not something to gloss over and should be treated as an important priority, carefully considering every aspect at the start. Even from the best service dealing with reclad in Brisbane. Apart from being right at the initial design stage of the building, the material that you have chosen must blend in with the environment and surrounding landscapes.