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Natural Materials

Trend Watch: Natural Materials

Each year, many home interior trends change but there’s some which manage to remain popular throughout the seasons.

One trend which has been around for quite some time but is particularly making a comeback this year, is natural materials. So, what is the natural material trend and how can you incorporate it into your home?

Understanding the trend

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The natural material trend focuses on authentic, tactile materials such as cork, bamboo, rattan and seagrass. These materials often help us to feel more connected to nature and they boast great relaxing qualities.

In a digital world where everything is dominated by technology, it’s easy to lose that natural connection we crave. So, it is understandable why natural materials are making a big comeback this year.

The benefits it delivers

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There’s a number of benefits which come from adding a natural material theme into the home. Firstly, it promotes calm and wellbeing. Being constantly connected through our phones, tablets and computers can actually trigger a lot of stress. Getting back to nature is one of the best ways to combat stress and the natural material trend can help you to achieve that. It’s also been shown via studies, that homeowners who do incorporate a natural material theme into their home, believe it’s made them feel happier.

There’s also the fact that natural materials are great for the environment. They’re sustainable so you won’t need to worry about your carbon footprint. This makes it a great trend for those who are concerned with being eco-friendlier.

How to incorporate it into the home

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So, now you know what the natural material trend is and the benefits it can provide, the question is how can you incorporate it into the home?

Well, you can keep it super-simple by seeking out natural material furniture. Think rustic wooden designs which feature natural imperfections. You could also use rattan style furniture in the conservatory and dining room. Even the smallest details make a big difference, such as displaying logs in a natural wicker basket by an open fire.

Another great idea is to upcycle. This has become an extremely common trend, where you use reclaimed materials and repurpose them into something else. Pallets are a great example. You can pick up old wooden pallets, paint them and use them as a table or even a bookcase.

Adding a natural material trend to the home is simple when you know how. The above are just some ideas you can use to incorporate the theme into the home. Once it’s complete, you’ll notice a big difference in how the living space feels. If you’re looking to update the home, do your part for the environment and enhance your wellbeing, a natural meterial theme is definitely recommended.