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Must-Haves to Be Prepared for Small Home Repairs

If you are a DIYer, you may want to do a lot of things yourself, and that includes home repairs. To repair broken things in your home, you will need the right tools and if you know someone who love to do things DIY then you can check out these gifts for DIYers. Get these tools for small repairs in your home.


A hammer should be the first thing you should get. It helps you to nail things, remove walls and do many other things. Get a versatile hammer so that you can use it for both delicate and heavy-duty tasks. A curved claw hammer is an excellent option. Some have fibreglass and wooden handles. Some are entirely metal from head to handle, and they are the most durable hammers.


Your doors, cabinet doors, lamps, furniture and many other things in your house are held together by screws. If one of them comes off, you will need a screwdriver to repair it. This is why you need a screwdriver in your toolbox. When it comes to choosing one, get the interchangeable screwdriver. This tool is versatile; you only need to change the head to screw several different screws.


You may need to turn and pull something in an attempt to repair it. Sometimes your hands can do the turning, but sometimes you will need more force than the one provided by your hands. That is when the pliers come in. They are useful in pulling out nails, removing plumbing fixtures, loosening nuts and many others. Thankfully pliers come in sets, and a 5-piece set can cover all your home repairs.

Welding tools

When it is time to fix a broken metal or a detached metal, welding tools are powerful options. Welding tools are handy if you don’t want to make new investments for broken metal items.

Tape measure

Another essential tool for a DIYer is a tape measure. You need to know the accurate measurement of certain things before embarking on a repair project. For instance, you need to know the area of a wall before planning a painting project. For small home repairs, a retracting tape measure is just fine.


You will need a tape for plumbing, electrical repairs and some general repair works. There are tapes for various projects. There is the electrical tape for electrical insulation. There is one for pipes and plumbing works as well. We also have the painter’s tape and duct tape for general repairs. Since they are not expensive, you can get all of them and use them for their specific tasks.


You may need extra lighting when you want to carry out some projects at home. You cannot depend on the room lighting if you have the work in the basement or in a place without proper lighting. This is why you need a flashlight in your toolbox. Get one that is bright.

Utility knife

Most repair work cannot be done without you cutting anything. A utility knife is a good option if you want a tool that cuts well and it is also safe for use. This knife comes in handy when you want to shave wood or even sharpen a pencil.


You will also need a toolbox to keep all your tools. You cannot leave them lying around. You will want to have all your tools in one place.

Protective gears

You must promote safety as well. Get some gloves to protect your hands, goggles to take care of your eyes, and masks to avoid inhaling filthy and unhealthy air. These things reduce the risk of injury when you carry out a repair project.

Use every DIY project as an opportunity to expand your toolkit. These small home repair tips do not only develop your skills, but they also save you some hard cash.