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DERMASKILL — New Generation Cosmetics

These days the beauty industry is actively developing, and it is safe to say that overall living its best days. The demand for skincare products has greatly increased for the last several years. That is why many manufacturers are trying to come up with new formulas to meet the needs of a growing cosmetics market.

The reasons that led to such a “boom” are the following:

The cult of the beauty and healthy lifestyle

Take a look at the profiles of any famous models or Instagram influencers. Smoothies, morning jogging, and cosmetics — these are the must-haves for many of them. And what is that secret component that makes their skin and hair look smooth and impeccable? It is properly chosen cosmetics. So, no wonder that their female audience wants to look like them.

Go green movement

This point is partly connected to the previous one. The ads everywhere say that natural means better. The new «organic» lines of products are created with no use of harmful to the environment synthetic ingredients: sulfates, silicones, or formaldehyde. To replace them only natural are used: different types of oils, charcoal, cocoa, and others.

Great variety of products

People are getting interested in cosmetics, the demand increases, and that means that producers should stand out. This works not only for a wider choice of products but also for the price. Consumers have brands to choose from, so lower prices will be more beneficial for the cosmetics companies.

The bioengineers and technologists of the DERMASKILL Company have paid attention to these points and developed the new generation cosmetics. The idea was to create a quality yet affordable product to cover the requirements of any consumer. The natural composition will pleasantly surprise you.

Due to unique biotechnological complexes, the cosmetics adjust to the skin needs of all patients. Depending on your needs, the company offers a range of products — day and night creams, masks, gel cosmetics for different skin types which you can use to cleanse, moisturize, or rejuvenate your skin. A multifunctional 3 in 1 cream will become a good option for those who don’t want to spend much time on a daily skin routine.

If you are considering the purchase of high-quality skincare products, maybe it is worth seeing the company’s bestsellers.

One only cream

A special multifunctional formula of sea collagen and hyaluronic acid makes your skin look brighter and have that silk smoothness. Works nice for the face, skin under eyes, neck as well as the cleavage zone, and designed for everyday use.

Avocado O2 mask

This is a unique mask with an active oxygen molecule for recovering your skin. Once applied the gel that moisturizes the skin transforms into thick foam and deeply penetrates the pores. The compound of the mask includes sea collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and avocado extracts having antioxidant action.

Smart BB cream

Perfect for light basing, this cream smoothes up the color and skin texture and doesn’t close the pores. To moisturize the skin and get rid of the reddening the extracts of snail mucus, licorice, and gotu kola are used.

However, a wider choice of products is always available in the online store of the DERMASKILL.

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