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Top 6 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Italy This Holiday

If you are a person who loves adventures, you could try something different this holiday other than sightseeing and walking around cities. Get your adrenaline high with some of the fun activities offered in Italy. Most of the activities in this city will get your adrenaline rushing. From skiing to hikes, these activities will make you see Italy from a completely different angle. The following are some of the fun activities you can pick to do when you visit Italy.


Consider heading to the Dolomites for the best hiking experience. It has majestic mountains ideal for people who love hardcore adventures. There are numerous trails in the mountains that should be guided. Here, you can enjoy days of hiking as you enjoy the city’s beauty. You can view other landscapes in Italy from the mountains. The good thing is that some roads are developed to make them convenient for families. You may also find cable cars that allow you to access higher places.

Exploring Caves

Italy is home to some of the most famous caves. Visiting the Le Marche region, you can see caves with different formations. Most of the caverns you find here are large enough to hold thousands of people. Some deepest caves are Grotta di Monte Cucco and the Grotte di Frasassi. You must have a guide when exploring the caves to ensure you don’t get lost.


If you want to feel your adrenaline rushing, consider the extreme skiing experience in some of the best Italian ski resorts. If you visit the side of the Alps, your adventure will not be complete if you don’t try this fun activity. There are many ski resorts and hundreds of slopes for the best skiing experience. The good thing is that most of the routes here fit skiers of any skill level. Try making it even more adventurous by getting dropped by a helicopter on some untouched and raw slopes.


Enjoy Nepal’s charming features by going on a kayaking adventure. It is a popular activity at the coast that you can enjoy. Tours usually set off early in the morning, and there is a lot you can enjoy along the Neapolitan shores. Enjoy seeing the secret caves, the Faraglioni di Capri and ancient ruins that you cannot see when on land. It may take you around three hours for a single tour. That means you have a whole three hours to enjoy the waters.

Scuba Diving

Near Napoli, you will find the Parco Sommerso di Baia, a city with a high population. The city differentiates itself from other diving places because of its coral and reef formation. You can see the fantastic ancient structures and pillars of the villas that belonged to the emperors. When you submerge in the water, you can see the ancient Roman city underwater. There are also other features to enjoy during scuba diving.


Cycling is another fun and adventurous activity you can do in Italy. Get your group ready and head out to enjoy the city of Rome. Cycle at high speed or take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenes in the city. You will find many bike rental facilities and tours, meaning that it is a popular activity in Rome. Join a group of cyclers to make it fun exploring around the city.


This article has just a glimpse of some of the things you can do when visiting Italy. There are a lot more things you can enjoy. So, instead of the usual time you spend in a beach hotel, try something more thrilling and daring, like skiing on the highest slopes. Scuba diving to see the ancient Roman city, biking, and hiking to the top of the mountains.