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Clothespin Wreath Tutorial

Clothespin Wreath Tutorial


First off, so excited to be guest posting for Gwen and her Haul out the Holly series! (every time I hear that phrase, the song starts playing in my head!) hehe
Isn’t this little wreath so festive? Oh but look-what’s it made of? Clothespins.


For holding your Christmas cards! cute (and brilliant), no?
Want your own?
You’ll need:
wire clothes hanger
yard of ribbon
1 pack of clothespins (I used most of a pack of 50, only $1.50 at Walmart)
green spray paint
pony beads
wire cutter/pliers
glue gun
empty box (diaper boxes work well;)


OK, let’s get started!
First, pull the flaps off of the box, and clip all your clothespins like so. Handy, huh?


Spray 3-4 coats of paint on the clothespins. Make sure to get in between the two parts as best you can, and underneath as well. Let them dry for a day or so.


 Cut the hook off your wire hanger, and shape into a circle. Grab your beads.


 Then, alternating bead and clothespin, slide onto the wire.


 Continue until your wreath is almost full, and the wires overlap about 1.5 inches.


Glue them together with the glue gun-lots o’ glue here.


 Cut a piece of ribbon (mine was about 12″ long), and tie it around the wire, then trim the ends and glue that to the wires.


Using the rest of your ribbon, tie a bow and glue that on top of your hanger.


So cute, festive, and useful!
Merry crafting!