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Useful Tips for Prevention of Radon Poisoning in Your Home

When it comes to maintaining healthy air in your home, postponement is more than just a poor habit, stalling radon testing in your home could be toxic to everyone living in the home and can result in radon poisoning. Radon is an invisible gas which is also tasteless and odorless that originates from natural breakdown of uranium in water, rock, and soil and execution of radon fuse (also known as radonsikring in Danish) from the professionals at can effectively ensure that the air quality in your home is safe for everyone involved.

What are the dire effects of radon pollution?

Radon contamination is the leading cause for nearly twenty thousand deaths every year. Your home can be tested for radon and this severe issue can be fixed quite easily. It is a necessary precaution for all homes to test for radon, irrespective of the home’s geographic location in Denmark. If your home has not been tested radon over the past two years, and you have had a remodelling done recently, it is time to do so sooner rather than at a later stage.

How can radon be prevented from penetrating your home?

An effective ventilation system in the walls of every room can automatically generate a healthier indoor environment by controlling the CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity levels in your house.

New construction

If you are in the process of building a home, you can save yourself immense stress and cash along the line by opting for passive radon control system installation.

  • First add a level of gas-permeable aggregate underneath your flooring system if there is no crawlspace. Then use plastic sheeting to cover the crawlspace or aggregate layer to prevent radon from penetrating past this level into your house.
  • Ensure all cracks in the walls and foundation is sealed and caulked. This will boost the energy-efficiency of your home as well as prevent radon from seeping in.
  • A four-inch gas-tight pipe can be ran from the crawlspace or first level to your roof. This will assist with venting gases safely from the soil to the outdoors.
  • An extra circuit can be wired to the attic for a vent fan to be installed. This way the pipe will be transformed into a vacuum-cleaner or radon control system that directs gas out of the home.

How do you know if high levels of radon exist and how to eradicate it?

If high levels of radon gas are in the air (4 picocuries per litre), you must immediately contact the state EPA office to locate professional mitigation contractors in your vicinity. While some resolutions are straightforward, this is typically not a DIY task. If done incorrectly you can end up increasing the radon levels and subsequently compromise the air quality in your house even further. Not only can they tackle the issue, but an also provide guidance as to keeping your home safe, for instance, continuously checking your home and sealing cracks in the foundation. Also test your house after any work is done and inspect your mitigation system periodically to see if it is working.