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Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial

Pine Cone Wreath Tutorial


For this practically free wreath you will need:

Pinecones (free from the outdoors)
A Wire Hanger (from my closet)
Pony Beads (had these left over)
Hot Glue  (I always have this)
ribbon or fabric (left over project remains)



My sister-in-law and brother-in-law just chopped down a few HUGE pine trees in there yard.  As soon as I heard the news I sent my husband over to their house to collect bags of pinecones with a pinecone wreath in mind.

In the Christmas bulb wreath tutorial you attach the bulbs using the wire topper to the hanger.  Obviously pinecones have no wire toppers, so after a lot of thinking and walking up and down the isles of my local craft store, I decided to hot glue beads to the bottom of each pinecone.


After I hot glued the beads I simply strung the wire hanger through each bead and arranged the pinecones how I thought they looked best.


Try to make the beads almost touch one another so that there are no gaps between each pinecone.  This may take a little wiggling and adjusting but it will turn out beautiful.


Once all the pinecones make a lovely wreath you can be done, or like I did, lightly spray paint them with white spray paint.  This will give the snow-kissed effects, if you will.



Finally attach a big bow and hang her up.



Beautiful just Beautiful!