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Customized Products That Are Great to Advertise Your Car Dealership

Everyone says to market your company and brand, you need to be active on social media platforms while maintaining and updating your website. So what if you do all that and you’re still not able to market your brand enough? If you haven’t tried customizing your products, then this article is for you.

From custom license plate frames to keyless remote decals, the utilization of these personalized products ensures your car dealership stays visible while your satisfied customers proudly display them wherever they go. A small change in your marketing strategy can make a big difference in your sales, and you can do this by making sure your brand is visible to more people. Here are some customized products that can help you reach your marketing goals.

Business Cards:

A classic method to showcase what you represent, business cards have been used for a long time and are still a common gesture in business environments. It serves its purpose well by providing the necessary details of your company should the receiver ever require your services. Having said that, the use of premium quality business cards shows your customers that you take your work seriously, and if they ever need you, they have your contact information. It’s actually still one of the most effective direct marketing tools, so use it to your advantage.


As an auto dealer, providing a customized keychain along with the key to the car that’s being sold goes together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, who wouldn’t want something that can help them from losing their keys? Simply put your logo on it along with some brand colors and you’re good to go. Every time the customer takes their car for a spin, they will see your brand and remember the great service you provided. When they need your services again, they will come back to you.

Customized Pens:

What most salespeople do when they are about to close a deal is to give their pen. It’s usually a nice gesture as the receiver needs one to sign their name on the sheet when making a purchase. When you have your brand and logo on the pen, you leave an impression on the customer as they get to take it home and use it in their daily life. Since pens are used on many occasions, there will always be an opportunity for it to come by the client’s hands again. Who knows? Maybe the customer hands the pen to a friend who needs to jot something down and then they notice your dealership. It’s another classic form of direct marketing that can be extremely useful.

License Plate Frames:

License plate frames are made to cover and protect your license plate from damage. They generally cover the corners and edges of the plate, which are most at risk of getting damaged due to harsh weather or accidental collisions. Ice, rain, and extreme temperatures can change the strength of license plates and make them more likely to chip away and crack.

By providing your customers with custom license plate frames, you ensure their license plates are protected while also ensuring your brand gets visibility. For more information, check out

Tire Covers:

Almost every car owner has a spare tire in the boot of the car. The tires are either left bare or kept in a cover. Encouraging your clients to keep their spares in a cover can help them preserve them for future use. If tires are not kept properly, when the time comes to use them, they might not be as useful as one would expect.

The owners who mount their spare tire on the back on their car have the opportunity to display your brand. By providing a tire cover to your customers, you get to promote your brand while ensuring their spares are protected from harsh elements.


These are just some ways in which you can promote your brand while making a sale at the same time. By providing customized products, you can help your customers while ensuring your brand stays in their minds. The next time they use your products, they’ll remember your services and come back for more.