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9 Most Popular Types of Weddings Rings

Through the magic of marketing, widely marketing campaigns and creating a psychological need, engagement rings and wedding rings have been highly popularized. Society expectations give the notion that the size of the ring matters in a marriage or relationship. In many cases, we believe that.

Throughout history, wedding rings symbolized love and devotion. A wedding ring is more than just a ring. It is seen as a representation of loyalty in life to be shared, eternal love, eternal commitment, and eternal happiness.

Popular metal used to make wedding rings include; Titanium, platinum, steel, gold or tungsten. Between all the metals, platinum wedding rings are the most popular rings because it is the strongest precious metal used in jewelry.

Benefits of Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum wedding rings are more valuable because the metal is much rarer. It is priced by weight and platinum is much denser than gold, so it weighs more.

These rings are made of 90 – 95% platinum and this purity make the ring more durable than gold.
Wear and tear is often hard to notice making these rings easier to maintain from any artificial damage.
Usually ideal for people with sensitive skin because platinum is naturally hypoallergenic.

Types of Wedding Rings

It is overwhelming to choose just one wedding ring from the many styles available in the market today. However, wedding rings fall into a traditional or modern category.

Flat band

This is a modern wedding ring and it is flat on top just like a pipe. It is popular in men’s wedding rings and sometimes called the flat cut wedding ring.

Comfort fit

It has an oval cross-section and a rounded interior and is considered a traditional wedding ring. Due to the rounded interior, it is a comfortable feel and can be easily taken on and off.

Half round

It is one of the traditional and classic designs. The under section can be either a comfort or a flat fit and the entire width of the ring is felt around the finger.

Fancy wedding rings

These are rings that have been uniquely designed, customized or engraved with details or patterns that are unique to the couple. If you would want to make a ring more meaningful, you both can add meaningful quotes.

Diamond wedding rings

These are rings mostly given during wedding anniversaries. These rings have diamonds around the entire ring. They usually look expensive and classy but they are relatively affordable. The diamonds are usually set in a prong or channel setting.

Ring wraps and guards

These form a unique ring because of the gemstones wrapped around the center of the ring.

Color gemstone wedding rings

This is where the precious gemstones are associated with the specific person’s birth month. For example; Garnet for January, Amethyst for February, Emerald for May or Peridot for August. Every month has its associated gemstone. The gemstone allows the ring to shimmer and shine from every angle.

Plain wedding rings

Just like its name, the rings are plain and simple with no embellishment and are considered classic and timeless. It can be a platinum wedding ring or a gold wedding ring which is a classic style for most couples. Other metals that can be used are; titanium, tungsten or sterling silver.

Fingerprint wedding rings

New designs and styles are coming up and people have chosen to have their fingerprints on their wedding rings. It comes in variety of metals but the finish is either oxidized or neutral.

The choice of the wedding ring should be unique and both couples should decide together. Whether diamond, gold or platinum wedding rings, the end result should be happiness. What really makes a wedding ring special is the sentiment behind them.