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The Best Products to Buy in Bulk

It’s relatively common knowledge that buying in bulk from a wholesaler is a good idea. It’s both friendly on your wallet to purchase items in one go rather than in smaller quantities every week. Also, you get the additional advantage of being able to access products at unit price rather than with the markup that supermarkets put on each item. In addition, you get the time-saving benefit of buying in bulk – if you spend two hours buying everything you need for one month, rather than 45 minutes every week, you’re ‘saving’ yourself hours each month that can be used for something more productive, or for leisure. If you’re looking for a good wholesaler, we recommend checking out the usual like Costco for food, and Wholesale for everyone for clothes and accessories like hats and bandannas, which can then be sold.

Meanwhile, here are the foods and the best items you should consider buying wholesale.


This is an especially good idea if you’re planning a party, but buying alcohol in bulk is generally a great cost-saving move. If you drink wine or beer regularly, and like a particular brand, then buying a large case that will last you a long time will save you considerably throughout the year. The bigger the pack, the better, so you’re really only limited by how much space you have available for storage. For example, for bulk-buying wine, you can expect to save around 15% on a case of 12 compared to unit value.


You’ll soon notice the trend of recommending dry produce to buy in bulk. It makes sense to purchase foods with an extended expiration date in bulk, so they will last the amount of time it will take you to eat them. Beans are a great option to buy in bulk, and are a versatile ingredient that can be used in many types of meals. Buy them dry rather than canned to minimize the space they use up and to maximize savings.


Many families eat pasta at least a few times a week, and buying it in bulk can give you a great saving – expect to save up to 40% when compared to the supermarket costs, which includes the more fancy and whole grain options. Dry pasta will last up to two years if kept in normal conditions, meaning you don’t need to worry about it expiring before you have the time to eat it.


Oats are an excellent option for both breakfast and baking, and incredibly cheap when bought in bulk – you can save up to 70% when compared to small bags of oats on the high street. Make sure to store these in an airtight container to make sure they retain their quality.


If you cook regularly, you’ll most likely make use of a lot of spices. These are another great dry ingredients, that when bought in bulk, will mean you can make a great meal out of very basic ingredients.