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List of The Best Free Text Editors

The best code editors are an essential tool in every software and web developer’s arsenal. They are important because they allow easy changes in any file, regardless of the programming language use.

A good and versatile code editor can also help you do code reviews and write new code both efficiently and without mistakes. One problem is that a lot of code editors cost a lot of money and a lot of coders think there are no other options.

That’s completely false. You can definitely find an affordable text editor to change or review written code. Regardless if you’re an academic or just a student, these free code editors will make your both a better coder and a better writer.

1. Atom

Released back in 2015, Atom is one of the best free text editors on the market. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The core of the program is supported by a large community of developers and programmers and there is no shortage of plugins.

Users are contributing to the database on a daily basis, giving you all the options to become a better code writer.

What’s especially convenient is the fact that the editor is made using just the basic programming languages. Beginners can find it especially useful when they’re still looking for online tips about fast and efficient editing.

2. Visual Studio Code

More and more coders are opting for newer solutions like Visual Studio code, mainly because of the myriad of new features and a stable build. VSCode is popular because it allows you to run cross-platform programs and gives you a multitude of options to edit and organize your code.

With a built-in set of Git commands and AI-powered autocompletion and highlighting options, you won’t have to type as much as you did before.

A particularly interesting feature is the shareability of the code you’ve written. With just a few clicks, you can export your code to an essay writing service for editing and functionality checking. VSCode was built with outsourcing and combining different programs in mind.

3. Brackets

As a web development tool, Brackets has a lot to offer for every code writer. There is a version for every popular OS, with special customizations that are essential for a particular platform.

The thing that sets Brackets apart is the simple interface, which many code editors lack. Beginners and experienced coders can enjoy all the features without having to memorize complex schemes, directions and settings.

The developers of the software introduced a feature made for custom keyboard shortcuts. If you’re multitasking, you can also use the split-screen integration feature.

What makes Bracket an essential part of our list is the Live Preview option that lets you see how your pages change and update as you edit HTML and CSS files. With a myriad of plugins, you can alter the program to your desires and needs. Python and W3C validation are amongst the most popular.

4. Notepad++

Built on the basics of the original Notepad, Notepad++ extends upon everything that works in the original program. The tab opening option gives you the opportunity to edit multiple files at once and even categorize them at any given time.

One downside is that there is only a Windows option for Notepad++, but you can easily use it on Linux or Mac with a good compatibility layer like Wine.

Recently, Microsoft developed a mobile app, which gives you great cross-platform support in any situation. If you’re in need of customization, don’t worry – Notepad++ has a long list of compatible plugins that add features such as auto-save, text merger and document integration. In our opinion, this is the most reliable free text editor.

5. TextMate

A little love for the Mac developers! This is by far the best Mac-exclusive text editor. It is the recipient of the Apple Design Award, which very few tools and software have managed to get. You get all the essential features, with a particular emphasis on the finer details such as auto code indentation and smart completion systems.

You have the ability to write code in any language you deem fit, but there are several special tools that specialize in helping you build XCode projects. This is an essential tool for every iMac developer, hands down.

6. Vim

Even though it was originally released in 1991, Vim has withstood the test of time after all these years. The program is constantly updated, with the classic features remaining the same. One major advantage of Vim is that it comes with a lot of tutorials and documents that help you utilize this text editor.

Developers are constantly adding new updates and scripts, making Vim a must-have tool even after almost 30 years. It works on all platforms and is almost completely devoid of bugs. There is still an argument for both old and young coders to use this tool.

Concluding thoughts

If you need to take care of a coding assignment, there is no need to pay outrageous amounts of money for a yearly subscription or a one-time service. If you’re a fan of custom plugins and want to create your own plugins, Atom is the best choice for you. For those of you that are more for a classic approach, the always reliable Notepad++ gives you all the help you need with code editing.

Other, newer solutions, like Visual Studio Code are becoming more popular due to advanced debugging options and exceptional speed. Choosing the best free text editor comes down to your preferences and goals in terms of coding.