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What’s it Like to Live Near the Beach?

Is city life too much for you? Well, we wouldn’t blame you because that’s what we’re experiencing too. The hustle and bustle, and the never-ending buzz, never fails to push us to our limit. Sometimes, don’t you just wish that all of this could stop and your life could be peaceful, more focused and free of all the hassles?

While you may come across some people who are least bothered with city life, there are some people, who are already living their best lives away from all of this hustle and bustle.

If you are tired of all the stresses around you, then life near a beach is surely your answer because beaches are undoubtedly the most peaceful place to live. You know, the life where there is no traffic, no noisy folks pacing frantically around the streets and no pollution.

However, not all that glitters, is gold. While there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with living near the beach. Yes, as bizarre as that sounds, living near a beach DOES have a lot of disadvantages as well. So before we switch towards discussing those cons, let’s shed some little light on to the pros of living near the beach:

The Good Part

  • Imagine waking up to the beach, every single day. There’s something about beaches that is soothing and peaceful; something that keeps you positive. No matter how bad your day goes, you’ll always have something positive to look up to. Living near the beach also allows you to clear up all the negativity from your mind. Your life becomes more focused and you get more close to the nature around you.
  • Beach life is healthy. The fresh air, the soothing sounds of the sea, everything just makes you look forward to living your life, no matter how bad it was before you moved here. Besides, there are some other obvious benefits of living near the beach: you can always soak up some Vitamin D, and get rid of that stress in your body by walking on wet sand.
  • Beach homes are a goldmine. Investing in property though is packed with a lot of challenges, but you can’t simply overlook the good return on investment it can get you. So, whenever you decide to sell your property near the beach, all you’ll need to do is register your house on one of those property websites, using your high-speed internet from Spectrum Bundles and you will find a prospective buyer in no time.

The bad part

Every time the weather is bad, the area surrounding the beach suffers the most. Hurricanes, sand storms, heavy rainfalls, and not to mention the scorching heat of the sun, beach dwellers suffer from all of these as a part of their routine.

Houses near the beach require a lot of maintenance to keep up with damages caused by natural disasters and extreme conditions. The salty sea water is notorious for being corrosive, and has a tendency to ruin your furniture.

Beaches become the ultimate hanging spot during summer. Beaches are most populated during this season and for those who live nearby, the crowds and the hustles and bustles, end up causing a bit of frustration. However, if you try to look on the bright side, summer lasts for a few months only, which means, things are pretty peaceful during rest of the year.

All in All

Living in a remote location is a dream that most of us have. However, before you finalize your plan of moving to such a place, always take your time and compare the advantages and disadvantages. If disadvantages don’t seem that big of a deal, only then make a finalized decision. Life near beaches is totally worth a shot, as long as you’re ready for it. So, are you?