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Travel Essentials on a Trek

For thrill-seekers, nothing quite gets the blood pumping like an adventurous trek. When you reach the summit and take it all in, you can’t take your eyes away. The starry night sky, the bonfire camps, the unforgettable memories and the intoxicating feeling of freedom are enough to get you hooked. An escape from the daily grind, trekking can feel like a transcendental experience. Carry these travel essentials to make your journey more enjoyable.

A Travel Backpack

A backpack designed for treks will be handier as opposed to your standard trolley bag. These are durable, offer maximum comfort and are spacious enough for your travel essentials. Invest in a lightweight, waterproof backpack with multiple compartments for easy access. A waterproof fanny pack is also a perfect option for your small accessories, learn more about why fanny packs are the best option for your travel adventure.

The Right Outfit

Synthetic fabrics like nylon, and rayon serve functionality as they are lightweight, breathable, dry quickly and also offer ease of movement. Carry appropriate shoes for a smooth climb. Rubber shoes are desirable owing to their solid grip and water-resistant properties. They also help avoid blisters and sore feet.

Protect Against the Weather

The time of your visit largely determines a lot of the things you are supposed to carry (or, not carry). For instance, when planning a trek near London, you not only need to review the fare calendar and avail cheap flights to London, but also keep the inclement weather, usually damp and prone to rain showers, in mind. Carry a rain coat or windcheater as protection against the rain and harsh weather. Pack thermals to brace the winters

Trekking Gear

Though the cheapest flights usually have very strict check-in baggage policies, it is advisable not to skimp on your gear. Carry portable oxygen if you’re trekking at high altitudes. A quick-dry towel to wipe down the sweat or rain can come in handy. A headlamp comes in handy for night treks and keeps your hands free for maximum mobility. A sleeping bag with silk lining will be useful to endure cold nights. Walking sticks are highly recommended when descending.


Packing moisturizing lotion, a sunscreen, and a lip balm may sound over-the-top but are really helpful in arid weather conditions. Toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizers and soap are some of the other essentials you need. Tampons and sanitary pads are a must for women. Carry mosquito repellents to stay protected from those nasty insect bites. Carrying travel-sized kits for all your toiletries will help avoid heavy backpacks.


Your mobile, camera, earphones, or portable speakers are some essentials that you typically don’t forget to pack. But you won’t find any power outlets up in the mountains. Carry portable chargers for your phone and camera. Pack extra memory cards if you’re a shutterbug. Batteries for your gear like headlamps and torches are also useful.

Travel Insurance

Although trekking is an adventure, it does not warrant recklessness. On treks to high altitudes or those involving rough terrains, unexpected mishaps can derail your journey. Protect yourself against such accidents with a travel insurance cover. Apart from emergency assistance, you’ll also get a medical cover that will protect your finances.

Before you embark on your trek, look for the cheapest flights to your destination. When booking your tickets, check online sites like Fly.com. They are a one-stop-shop for comparing flight rates from various travel agencies and ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.

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