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The Lost Ring

Adams, a taxi driver, had a biggest wish is to save enough money to take his beloved daughter from hometown to New York. However, after a long time, he still didn’t save much money. And he got poorer because of a old woman.

On that day, Adams got a ride-hailing call. When he arrived, an old woman was waiting at the door of the apartment. He carefully placed her in the seat and asked where she was going.

The old woman hesitated and replied: “The doctor said that I didn’t have much time for my life. I wanted to go to the paradise nursing home. Although I was alone, I had it with me.” Then, she stroked a thing in the chest with tears sprang to her eyes.

At this time, Adams discovered that there was a gold ring in laid with diamonds and opals around her neck, which was very small and liked a child ring. He thought that this ring was very important for her.

After arriving at the nursing home, the older was going to pay for him, but Adams refused. Although he was short of money, he didn’t want to charge him, when he heard she said she didn’t have much time.
Adams looked at her and the ring on her neck, clenched her hand and left.

A few days later, Adams received a call from the senior. When he arrived, the old man did not wait downstairs, but asked him to go up.

After entering the house, he saw that all the furniture in the room was opened, an suitcase with a few yellowed photos was opened next to her . She seemed to be looking for something that her face was filled with frustration and her sullen eyes were anxious.

When saw Adams, the old man eagerly cried: “My custom ring was gone, I found here and there, but I still can’t find it, it must have fallen in your car!”

The shackled Adams was annoyed, and he clearly remembered that when he left, the ring was hung around her neck. He wanted to tell her the truth, but with the saddest eyes, and then he was speechless .Seeing Adams silent, she was more convinced of her own judgment.

In order to beg him to return the ring, she narrated that after a failed marriage, she lived alone with her daughter. Despite being busy every day, with her well-behaved daughter, she forgot her tiredness.
On her daughter’s 9th birthday, she bought a gold ring with diamonds for her.

However, a few months later, her daughter was suffered with a car accident. When she arrived, the dying daughter said in a weak voice, “Mom, I couldn’t accompany with you, I hoped you could to live well. I liked this ring and let it stay with you.”

She was grieved and wanted to go with her daughter, but the child’s dying words made her choose to live strong.

From then on, the ring was hung around her neck, against her chest, comforting her heart.

Adams shed tears involuntarily because he already understood that the ring was the support of her life.

He immediately decided to hold the back and returned her an identical ring in the shortest possible time.

He comforted the old man and said, “Your ring must have fallen on my car. I would send it to you immediately after I found it. I just couldn’t remember the shape of the ring. Did you have a photo?”
The old man groaned to find a photo from the suitcase that the little girl above had a bright face and the ring was on her finger.

After Adams settled in the old man, he drove to Manhattan’s largest jewelry store with the photo to explain the situation and then wait to his answer.

The clerk studied it carefully with a magnifying glass. “This was an old child ring that was old-fashioned. And it had long been out of stock. So I must customized again for you. But the inlaid opal was from Hungary, and the diamond was produced in India it must take 3 days at the earliest, and the price would be much higher, about $20,000.”

At the moment, Adams was not thinking about money, but the old lady’s anxious face, and he immediately agreed.
Three days later, Adams got a personalized ring and gave it to the old man as quickly as possible. She took the ring carefully and then hugged Adams tightly. In his opinion, if you didn’t have any money, you can earn it again, but it is a terrible thing to lose goodness.

He worked harder and continued to dream of reuniting with his daughter.

A year later, the lawyer found Adams and handed him a list of inheritance and a letter:

Dear Adams, I am Joey, the old lady who hung the ring around the neck. When I got the ring you found, I know that it was not my daughter’s. You ignored that the inside of the ring had the abbreviation of my daughter…

You let me feel the warmth of a stranger at the end of my life. When you saw this letter, I had passed away, and the lawyer would give you all my estate, including the apartment you knew, and a villa in the suburbs.

In addition, there are two rings that one was custom made, one was my daughter’s ring that I found it in the suitcase.

In this story, we knew that sometimes goodness was more valuable than smart. Cleverness was a gift, but kindness was a choice that was the eternal sunny side of human nature.