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8 Essential Laptop Accessories & Gadgets That Make Life Easy!

Our modern lifestyle means that we spend a large portion of the day in front of our laptops – be that for work, studies, or to just unwind with Netflix or computer games.

The problem, though, is that we often don’t get the best experience of our expensive or cheap laptops.

That’s where laptop accessories and related gadgets come in. The real deal is that these tools amplify our experience while using a laptop as well as make our lives easier by solving small issues that can bother us while working or relaxing in front of the laptop.

Let’s take a look at some of the best laptop accessories in 2019 that will enable you to get the best ergonomic while making your life easier.

#1. Laptop Bags

If you have to carry your laptop around for work or studies on a regular basis, a good laptop bag is a must. Carrying a laptop in a regular bag will not be enough as it might not be able to protect your laptop from damage if you accidentally drop your bag.

Laptop bags, on the other hand, are designed to protect your laptop from such damage. Besides, these bags are usually spacious enough to carry a few books and folders in addition to your laptop.

On average, laptop bags last for 18-24 months, so it’s a good investment. Make sure you buy the right size of the bag that can accommodate your laptop.

#2. Portable External Hard Drive

With the advent of cloud storage, we often think that an external hard drive is not necessary.

But what if you have to transfer a huge file to someone else’s laptop? Or, what if you need to download a file but the internet connection is weak?

To save yourself from such issues, carry a portable hard drive. They can also be used as back up storage for large files that you don’t want to get rid of, but are too big to keep on your laptop.

Pro Tip:

While purchasing a portable hard drive, look for the following features:

  • Storage size
  • Transfer speed
  • Durability
  • Security from malware and theft

#3. Laptop Cooler

Laptops these days often contain anti-heating mechanism. Yet, if you use your laptop heavily for hours at a time, your laptop may overheat – sometimes to an extent that it irritates your skin. Moreover, overheating may cause internal damage to your laptop.

The solution to this is to get a good quality laptop cooling mat/pad. They quickly cool down your laptop and keep them from overheating. Some mats require batteries while others can easily be powered using the USB port of your laptop.

#4. Bluetooth Mouse

Many of us are proficient in using the laptop’s touchpad. However, some tasks require a little more mobility than the touchpad can provide. So a mouse is a must-have item.

But here’s the thing – wired mouse is a thing of the past. Why create clutter on your desk with unnecessary cables? Most Bluetooth mouses can be used from quite a distance and the response time is acceptable too. The best part? You can easily carry them in your laptop bag!

However, if you’re a gamer, a wired mouse is preferable as the response time in wired mouses are lower than their wireless counterparts.

#5. Laptop Stands

There are many reasons to use laptop stands. If you work for hours at a stretch in front of your laptop, you might get neck and back pain from the odd angle at which your laptop is placed. So using a laptop stand to elevate your laptop can prevent such aches.

Not only that, but you can also work standing up with the help of laptop stands, especially those that are adjustable to various heights.

Moreover, laptop stands enable you to use your laptop anywhere – on a desk, on a couch, or even on your bed!

#6. Surge Protectors and/or Spike Busters

While you’re charging your laptop, sometimes there might be voltage fluctuations, unfortunately. This can harm your laptop or adopter’s internal mechanism.

For such voltage fluctuations, spike busters come in handy. They restrict the amount of voltage supplied to your device, thus essentially protecting your laptop from being harmed by sudden surges of voltage.

Therefore, it is recommended that you get a spike buster so that your laptop doesn’t get damaged – it’s a small precautionary step that can help you save a lot of money in fixing your damaged laptop.

#7. Audio Devices

If you’re a music lover, you need a good audio device to get the best experience while using your laptop.

A. Earphones

Headphones and earbuds come in various shapes and sizes, and a wide range of those are available for you according to your budget. If you go for the wireless ones, make sure to carry the charging cable that you can plug into your laptop if you run out of charge.

B. Speakers

Various speakers are available – both wired and wireless. The wireless ones are easy to carry and can also be plugged into your laptop.

#8. Laptop Screen Cleaner

Laptop screens get pretty dirty quite fast. We often don’t know how to clean it, or clean it in the wrong way or using the wrong products, which can damage your screen. So get a good laptop screen cleaner so that your screen is not damaged.

#9. The Hidden USB

Regardless of how you decide to use promotional USB drives, you can consider “hiding” them in another device. There are functional USB pens that conceal the device in the middle, lanyards with integrated USBs, bottle openers, and a variety of other options. Your marketing recipients get the USB as well as another fun bit of swag.

Final Thoughts

Using a good laptop is always a delight. However, you might be missing out on the complete experience.

Therefore, get yourself these accessories so that you can have a great time while working, studying or just relaxing in front of your laptop!