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Do Really Your Weight Loss Regime Is Working For You?

Working out?

On a diet?

For months, you consistently follow starving diets and sweaty, muscle-crunching workouts. But, did you ever saw the scale go down, even just a bit?



Don’t know?

Well, here are 5 signs to tell if your weight loss regime is really working!

1. You Have More Energy

A good sign of a working weight loss regime is when you can’t remember a time that you feel exhausted. With weight loss comes more energy.

A good nutrition plan and workout routine provide you with more energy— all-day, steady and constant energy that you need to fuel up your day.

You will wake up naturally and get through the day without needing 5 cups of coffee at the office. No need to grab a sugary snack by the end of the day and you get to do more work out without even feeling tired.

2. You Are In A Better Mood

Yes, being happy and in a better mood does correlate with your weight loss regimen. If you pick the right nourishment for your body and train your body better, then you will certainly feel better about yourself— both physically and mentally.

You will have this natural glow. Correct nutrition and workout routine release the required chemicals in your bodies to regulate your emotions, create “happy neurotransmitters” and send calming and cheery signals to where they should go.

Also, the right weight loss regimen will help you avoid situations which can create mental instability, such as brain fog and inconsistent blood sugar levels.

3. You Are Sleeping Better

Do you remember those nights when you can’t seem to fall asleep?

Tossing, turning around your bed or maybe even thinking of gobbling up sleeping pills?

There are various reasons for having poor sleep: hormonal changes, aging, stress and so on. However, exercise and nutrition play a role. For example, if you over-train yourself, under-recover from training, or overeat heavy meals late at night, then you might not sleep well.

However, with the right weight loss regime, you will get enough good stuff in order to allow the brain to release the chemicals you need to calm and soothe yourself for better sleep.
All of a sudden, you start to have sleepy eyes before bedtime without a problem and following the average sleeping hours is easier than ever.

4. You Are Stronger With More Endurance

On your weight loss regime’s first day, workouts can feel like a slog. You might feel slow, uncoordinated and weak. And maybe you pick the smallest dumbbells on the rack and become very sore at the end of your training.

However, if your weight loss regime is really working, then you will feel that it gets a bit easier day by day. You can use the same weight with more range of motions an easier to lift like a pro. Your muscles are not as sore as the first time since your body is now quicker to repair muscle damages, so recovery is better. Also, you can do more work— whether it is cycling, swimming or running a longer distance, scrambling up on a higher wall, lifting more weight, or do extra sets of your workout routine.

5. Your Clothes Are Bigger

Even though you do not see the scale go down to what you expect, you may feel and look thinner. You might start to notice that your regular clothes start to become loose, or you can fit again on your old skinny jeans.

If this is the case, then it is a good sign that you’re weight loss regimen is indeed working out.


When you decided to lose some weight, a healthy regimen complete with proper workout and well-balanced diet is your best bet. You must get a Nurse Hatty Ketone test strips if you are practicing low carb diet. It wouldn’t just make your ketogenic diet or low carb diet more effective and efficient, but it will certainly help you to go further with your diet because you’re aware that what you’re doing is really worth your sweat..However, knowing if your weight loss plan is really working can be tough and takes more than just waiting to see the numbers on the scale go down. So, use the signs mentioned above as a basis to know if you’re efforts are really helping you lose some weight.