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5 Symptoms Of Drug Overdose

Drug and substance abuse is a real thing in today’s world. The thing with a drug is actually that people can never really get enough of whatever you are on. Many people will often blackout as they try to get a complete climax on whatever they are hooked up on. With the time the body builds a tolerance for a drug and this forces one to take more of it. Now, this is actually how drug overdose comes by. Drug overdose weaken the body immune system at a very high rate. Many a time people will struggle with their drug problem for long without people knowing and by the time they either decide to tell people or when someone knows they are knee deep into and breaking free becomes quite tricky. If at all you have a friend or loved one who you think may be hooked onto drugs these are the signs and symptoms that you should look out for.

1. Deteriorated Health

Drugs take a toll on people’s health and it never goes well with the body’s immune system. They leave the body vulnerable to diseases and even the smallest of diseases can sweep you off your feet. With an uncoordinated body’s immune system, you will notice that health will slip through your fingers very fast. Drugs really kind of “put a mask” on people and the change is very visible.

2. Unsteady Walking

How you walk will actually say a lot about your level of sobriety. It is usually a deal breaker for me. If at all I am in doubt whether one is a drug addict and has had an overdose I will look at how they walk and I will really tell that. Drugs will mess with the physique and also will mess with the visual senses. This means that people will not get a clear vision of how they go and this affects the walking.

3. Impaired Judgment

The mind is quite vulnerable while under the influence of drugs and substance. Drugs affect the brain at a very high rate and it causes retardation and uncoordinated reflexes. However, thanks to, I can confidently say that all hope is not lost on such guys. Here you will get only the best rehab help you need. They give you quality worth every dime. They are well equipped both with qualified personnel and with all the best equipment.

4. Dilated Pupils

Now the eye is a very fragile part of the body that gets easily affected by drugs. Continuous use of drugs will definitely mess up with the guys. Thanks to all the hallucination and impaired vision, the eyes get weak with time and the pupils get dilated and this may be a short-term or long-term effect. will help you take care of this as they take care of not only the mental but also the physical. With time you will get back on track like it never happened.

5. Dry Coughs

Now, this is a major characteristic when it comes to those drugs that are smoked. They will mess up directly with the whole respiratory system and will bring about chest pains and dry coughs. These coughs will at times have episodes of blood spewing.