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The Best Ways to Keep Your House a Pest-Free Zone

Do you have a pest problem that’s keeping you up at night? If yes, you are not alone. A 2012 research revealed that 84% of homeowners in the US dealt with a pest problem in the past 12 months from April. The leading pest issues in that year were ants at 49%, spiders 43%, flies 37%, mosquitoes 34%, mice 30%, and wasps 29%.

If these pests were only unsightly or a nuisance, then they wouldn’t be much of a bother. Unfortunately, there’s more to pests than that. Mosquitoes are responsible for about 800,000 deaths annually. That makes them even more dangerous than renowned predators like snakes, alligators, and sharks combination. Termites, on the other hand, cause $5 billion in property damage annually in the US alone. Rodents are hazardous too. Mice and rats carry more than 200 easily transferable human pathogens that can spread different diseases, including plaque.

So, it is not crazy that you are losing sleep over a pest problem – it’s your family’s health and investment that’s at stake. But not to worry, we are here to help. In this article, we will highlight some of the best ways to keep your home a pest-free zone, according to a leading Pointe pest control expert.

Perform an inspect

Performing a thorough inspection of your home will not only uncover any hidden pest activity but will also help you identify the pests that you are dealing with. Without an investigation, it would be difficult to get to the root course of your pest problem. We recommend getting expert help when it comes to inspection because they have the right resources, tools, and experience to get it done successfully.

Schedule for treatment

Once you identify the pest problem and the extent of the infestation, your next step should be to organize for treatment. Your inspecting professional may suggest the best treatment for your pest issue. So, your job will be to spread the infested areas as well as places these pests frequent. Creating a continuous band without skips is a great way to form a perimeter barrier. Target points where dissimilar building materials meet like around doors and windows, baseboards, as well as in woodpiles, sheds, carports, garages, walkways, mulch, turf, and soils. It’s best to let an expert help with this too, because of their experience.

Schedule for routine inspections

Getting rid of pests from your home is usually the hardest part. So, once you manage to eliminate them, you should have an expert visit your home routinely to make sure you have no invasion.

Take preventative measures

There are a few things you can do to prevent an invasion. Making sure your homestead is clutter-free is a great place to start. If you have any food lying around, you should either keep it in the fridge or store it in an airtight container. Ideally, you want to make sure there is no food for the pests in your home. Additionally, you can seal off any entry point that gives the pests access into your home.