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Diamond Painting, a Creative Hobby!

Diamond embroidery is a hugely popular creative hobby in Asia, Russia, and the United States. It is only starting to develop in France and should quickly become popular, as the creations are so magnificent.

If you love to create, you will love diamond painting, alone, with family or with friends! If you run out of ideas for Christmas or for a birthday, you will find what you are looking for here.
The concept of diamond embroidery

Diamond embroidery (diamond painting) uses the same principle as painting by number that all children have experienced in kindergarten and which also exists in creative leisure for adults.
You receive an adhesive canvas with numbers on it. Each number corresponds to a color of diamond. Diamonds are small pieces of colored rhinestones that you receive in bags whose numbers correspond to the pattern to be made.

Depending on the design you have chosen, the entire canvas may be covered with diamonds or only certain parts, in order to give relief to your canvas. Diamond Painting Netherlands is unique because it allows you to create 3D paintings.

You have the choice between round or square diamonds. The installation of square rhinestones is easier than round ones, and therefore preferred for beginners. Diamond embroidery is for the whole family, but a certain dexterity is required for spherical diamonds which are more difficult to handle. As for the result, it is a question of taste, because the two forms have a sublime rendering.

The canvas that is used is strong enough to support the weight of the diamonds. Once finished, you can stretch your canvas over a frame, like a painting, to hang on the wall.

Create beautiful canvases

Diamond embroidery is a soothing creative hobby that allows you to release all the accumulated stress. You can practice it in family with your children, at home or on your vacation spot. A kit takes up very little space to take in your suitcase.

The effect of diamonds is extraordinary. Everything can be reproduced: paintings, drawings, photos, abstract or concrete patterns, nature, animals, characters, etc. The fineness of the diamonds allows perfect precision to be obtained.

Once your canvas is finished, you can find it a prime location in your home, so that it is well lit and the reflections radiate all around, magnifying it.

You can choose from the many models we already offer. We are constantly enriching our collections in order to offer you the best. You can look at very small sizes of 8 x 10 inches, or embark on more ambitious works, up to 70 x 110 cm.

Personalize your diamond embroidery

You can also personalize your Broderie Diamant by sending us your image. Photo of holidays, landscapes of dreams, family, your children or your ancestors, we process your file and adapt it for diamond embroidery in the format you want.

Ideal for an original gift

Diamond embroidery is an ideal gift. First of all for its originality, but also because you can find a motif that is dear to the one to whom you give it, or even send us a photo for an even more personalized gift.

Receive your complete kit

All our kits are complete, so you can get started as soon as you receive your package.

In addition to the numbered canvas, you receive your diamond paintings Germany in numbered bags, accompanied by a pliers and a stylus with multi-diamond adapter. We also enclose a plastic container for you to organize the diamonds, as well as the glue.