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Why Miami Is The Cruise Capital Of The World

Are you thinking of taking a vacation cruise? If so, then make sure you visit the “Cruise Capital of the World,” PortMiami. It is the premier cruise port in the world with over 20 cruise lines, more than 50 different ships. Yearly there are millions of voyagers sailing off from PortMiami to an array of stunning locations including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico and more.

Everybody Loves Taking Cruises From Miami. Many of the elite in the cruise ship industry has its headquarters located within Miami, including Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises. The beautiful skyline of Miami and it’s intoxicating weather are among the many reasons to come to PortMiami.

Before setting sail you have the opportunity to take in the great city’s views, events, and landmarks. They have great fishing available. The golf courses here are some of the best in the world. The best food with so many different ethnic options for your palate. The gorgeous waters surrounding the southeastern part of the Florida Peninsula are like no other. There is no other place in the world that hosts more terminals than Miami.

Although PortMiami’s cargo containers generate hundreds of thousands of jobs, an estimated 43 billion dollars to Florida annually, what it’s most recognized for is being the Mecca of cruising. PortMiami offers passengers passage to and fro to many exotic global destinations. Currently, Port Miami offers a variety of different cruise lines for your consideration including Carnival Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, and many many more.

Arriving And Accessing PortMiami

You can gain entry to PortMiami via automobile, taxi, ride-sharing services or even Metrorail (Orange Line). Parking is available at all terminals and they have convenient parking for all types of vehicles in various garages as well. All properties and facilities are under the watch of highly trained security staff for your protection and peace of mind.

Constant Elevation And Expansion

There is a lot of exciting expansion underway aimed at vacationers planning to set sail from PortMiami. The port has formulated and sparked new programs focused on refining and renovating every aspect of the cruising experience. They have launch efforts to improve all facets of the traveler’s journey from beginning to end. From when you arrive at the parking area, to when your feet enter the terminal, PortMiami is looking to streamline and upgrade your visit.

Royal Caribbean was one of the first companies to bloom with its upgrades in late 2018. They launched the largest terminal in existence to better board over 5,000 of its guests.

Norwegian Cruise Line undertook their upgrades with a project entitled “The Pearl of Miami.” With a grand reopening aimed at early 2020, a lot of passengers are eager to see what new enhancements the architecture company Bermello Ajamil & partners brings to their terminal.

Adding on to the upliftment of PortMiami MSC Cruises has unveiled that they have a new terminal in the works. They aim to be able to better accommodate ships with the occupancy of up to 7,000-passenger vessels. This goes a long way in serving the predicted 1.5 million customers they look forward to serving.

Not only are the aforementioned bettering their fleet of ships and daily operations, Disney Cruise Line, Virgin Voyages, and others are engaging in some serious and power iterations of their current status quo. All of this is only going to better your vacation experience and help to create and foster great memories for all involved.

So, the next time you’re considering going on vacation, take a cruise. And when you do decide to take a cruise, make sure you come to the heart and soul of the cruise industry, PortMiami.