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Your All-Weather Guide to Outdoor Furniture Designs

If your home boasts of an outdoor area, it would be criminal to not make it into an area of leisure. Often times, homeowners focus more on gardens and plantations, leaving little room for outdoor furniture. Whereas, what’s going to keep you grounded to your outdoor space is comfortable, functional and versatile furniture. Don’t get into the trap of having a decor designer fashion your outdoor space for you. Your home, interior or exterior, must reflect your personality and your idea of a good time. Looking for some ideas on timeless outdoor furniture to get those brain juices flowing? Here’s our take on outdoor furniture designs that are worth investing in and will have you spending most of your leisure time in your patio.

Hanging Chairs 

Also known as hammock chairs, these contemporary outdoor furniture options have been gaining a lot of traction in the recent past.  Hanging Chairs are convenient, stylish and extremely easy to maintain. For one, it’s fairly obvious how they’re meant to be assembled and installed. They also make cleaning easy as they’re suspended and you don’t have to move any grounded furniture around. So if you’re looking for outdoor furniture that’s very low on maintenance, hanging Chairs are your best buy. For a compact condo occupied by a couple, hanging Chairs are fuss-free outdoor furniture options that are also easy on the pocket.

There’s something about the slight swing of a hanging chair and the feeling of suspension that calms the mind and body. If you have a book or a movie for company, you can’t tell time slipping by. This subtle serenity is also why many homeowners prefer hanging chairs even indoors, if not outdoors.

Some outdoor hanging chairs also offer cup holders, foot rests, and cushions. Whatever it is you desire, make sure you opt for the best hanging Chairs suiting your idea of comfort.

Circular Lounge Chairs 

These chairs are perfect options for a couple pad with a small outdoor area. Wicker lounges are usually a preferred choice as they’re weather-resistant and easy to maintain too. Most come with a provision for shade, so the sun doesn’t trouble your outdoor time. These Circular chairs are roomy enough for 2-3 people, but any more than that and you are on the wrong side of cosy. So, if you plan to host guests in your outdoor area, these chairs aren’t the ideal choice. Use it for when only you and your partner want to soak in the sun.

These lounge chairs are only as pleasing to the eye as you can make them out to be.  Throw in some colourful cushions, set up some drapes and make these lounge chairs accent pieces of furniture in your home.  They’re great to spend an evening in with cocktails and finger food. Weekends will have an all-new meaning to you and your spouse once you’ve had a lounge chair set up!

Outdoor Bars

Nothing like enjoying your favourite drinks with nothing but the starry sky above you. We strongly recommend outdoor Bars if your idea of unwinding involves a good drink and good company.

While compared to our earlier outdoor furniture options, outdoor bars have a rather restrained and formal seating arrangement. While you can lounge on a hammock of a Circular Lounge, bar stools require you to sit upright. That’s one factor homeowners have to embrace while setting up an outdoor bar with limited space. The good news is, there are many compact outdoor bars set-ups in the market that throw in a beanbag or chaise lounge to add an element of informality.

We strongly recommend you opt for an outdoor bar with pull-out stools that slot itself under the table when not in use. This way, you have the option of having a couple of other seating options too that are a little more relaxed. Besides, you could use that extra space for plants, artifacts and a whole lot of other stuff!

Sun Beds

Miss the beach vibe? You can make your own little outdoor sunny nook at home. All you need is the right furniture and accessories to bring those beach shack feels home. First up, invest in a good set of sun beds. While a set are the bare minimum, the more the merrier we’d say. After all, everyone’s going to be vying for those seats first, right? Like most outdoor furniture, sun beds too are best if made out of wicker, as it is a heat-resistant material that’s easy to maintain. Rattan sun lounges are also great options that stand the test of time.  Throw in a table made of the same material and design to round of this furniture set. The table will come in handy more often than you know, so don’t give that buy a miss!

Just a heads up though, you’re going to need a lot more space to enjoy these chairs as opposed to hanging Chairs or Circular lounges. So opt for these only if your outdoor area is spacious enough.

Outdoor  Modular Lounge

If you’re a family that enjoys hosting people at home often, an outdoor modular lounge could very well be the right choice for you! You can enjoy ample sitting area with a spacious table at the centre of it all, allowing you to play good host. Outdoor lounges made of wicker or rattan are feasible choices as they’re weather-resistant and UV-protected. Outdoor lounges usually comes piece-meal, which means you have the option to play with multiple layouts and see what suits your outdoor area best. What’s more, a couple of single seats can also be taken indoors anytime you wish to have more sitting space inside!

Outdoor modular lounges are no less than statement furniture in your home that will be the centre of attention. Comfortable, spacious and aesthetic, your modular lounge will soon become the favourite spot for everyone at home!

Now that we’ve got you all sorted with the best options in outdoor furniture, let’s not forget the all-important element of maintenance. Wipe your furniture down ever so often with a damp cloth to remove any food particle or debris. Always use cleaning agents that are suitable to the material and make of your fixtures. Attend to it with changing seasons to oil, seal or restore as the case may be.  Happy lounging!