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Popular Colour Trends for Home Furniture

There’s good news to share – all you need to know on trending furniture designs is right here for you! If home improvement is on your mind, know that your furniture plays a key role in how you transform your home. While furniture design is critical, furniture colour is crucial! We’re here to help you set the tone for your home furniture, one colour at a time! Read on!

White Matte & Gloss

Nothing like the timeless appeal of white furniture, right? Whether its geometric motifs, abstract designs or simple & elegant creations, white is the most called-on colour in interior design and we’re absolutely not surprised why. Any white furniture or decor tends to expand a room, which is why it’s the go-to safe option in most compact houses. What’s more, white is a preferred choice in areas such as kitchens and nurseries, so maintaining uniformity across a home is another reason why homeowners go with white. Double glazing will also look beautiful for your Windows or door. It will make your house look more beautiful. So, for double glazing you can call Bristol double glazing service to make your house look more elegant.

Either way, white finds its place firmly grounded in the current furniture colour trends for 2021. Glossy white, white polyurethane and white matte finish are universal favourites. Particularly when it comes to living rooms, white TV unit designs with a dash of aluminium edge sealing are pieces gaining a lot many favourites. If we look at bedroom decor, white polyurethane cupboards and dressing areas are both designer and home owner big buys.

The minimalistic appeal of white furniture is what most buyers go for when choosing this colour. However, what is often missed is minimalism in storage. The flawless look of white is ruined  in a show console or white TV unit with unnecessary artifacts, shabby aesthetics or stuffed shelves. In fact, we would go as far as to say that leaving a few shelves or drawers empty shouldn’t be a matter of concern at all. Organizing your home’s entertainment centre is essential to retain its beauty. Remember, it’s the minimalistic look you’re aiming for. So, keep it simple silly!

Abstract Earthy Hues

The pacifying earthy colours never fail to stay in trend thanks to its timeless appeal and versatility. We’re talking soft greens, rust, creams, browns and even pleasing blues – colours that you see when you look out the window!

Earthy colours have always been in vogue for interior spaces for one major reason – they can be played with endlessly! Anything you decide to add or minus from your space, the theme stays intact! That’s the beauty of abstract interior design. Having said that, there’s a fine line between colourful and gaudy. So while earthy hues give you all the freedom to play with furniture, don’t clash a deep blue with a bright yellow. Let there be one bold colour and a few subtle ones to compliment it.

Reflective Surfaces

To bring an interesting element of contrast, many homes now sport furniture with reflective surfaces. We’re talking mirror surfaces on that part of furniture that strikes you first. Reflective furniture has an advantage in that it also gives the illusion of a larger space, hence works great in small floor areas. This is one trend you just can’t over do, unless you want your home to resemble a mirror maze. Safe bets for reflective surfaces include a cutlery cabinet, a longitudinal TV unit or even a camouflage door leading to another room. Opt for something that runs around the length of your home rather than the breath to get that reflective theme on point.

Monochrome Grey 

The simple and understated appearance of the colour grey is what makes it a favourite among homeowners. Gray furniture has found itself a special appreciation in contemporary interior design and we’re not surprised why!

The key to make grey work for you in interior design is going with contemporary pieces of furniture. For curtains, choose a rich high-quality fabric with a little sheen. A grey couch is only attractive if it is made of luxe suede or leather.  Gray artifacts add a touch of class with some metallic overtones, aluminium  borders or glossy finish.  Basically, you need to opt for a modern luxurious appeal to help the colour grey deliver on its promise of elegance. With a dull finish to an already understated colour, you won’t be doing justice to grey interiors.

A living room or a bedroom with grey tones may sometimes incline towards monotony. A great way to break this boredom in aesthetics is my introducing a splash of boldness through an artifact. It could very well be an abstract painting, a trendy mirror or even a catchy floor lamp that balances out the grey and makes the entire scene more rounded.

Blass Matte & Gloss

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your furniture, it’s time to go back to black. There’s no colour that’s got a bigger applause for being an eye-catcher! Black is indeed beautiful, baby!

Polyurethane Black furniture is the way to go if a modern appeal is on your mind. Although veneers may be an option, black ones are few and far between, and more expensive than polyurethane. Polyurethane is also easy on maintenance. Go for black matte or gloss furniture only and only if you have a large floor area or plenty of sunlight streaming into your room. Black is a colour that absorbs a lot of light. A constrained space with an all-black look is only going to look more confined. Opt for large windows, French windows or even a balcony that let’s through plenty of sunlight and negates the restrictive nature of Black interiors.

Although black is the crowned king of colours, even a small dent or scratch is going to cry foul. So if you have toddlers around, consider pushing your black furniture purchase by a few years and opting for white instead. Black furniture also tends to be an easy dust collector and shows up even the tines specs of dust easily. So invest in Black furniture only if you’re ready to be on top of your cleaning game every day.

We’ve filled you in on the trendiest colours in home furniture. Home improvement is now made easy!